Investing a little more effort and time to ensure that your website’s menus are shown correctly is really important since menus are a critical part of every website. Divi has its own Menu module that can be easily created in custom designs and a large number of styles. Planning global menu presets in advance often helps to streamline your website header creation. You can use a button to deploy a customizable menu style system to tweak the interface to fit your website’s branding more time.

Here are 10 most stunning menu design ideas you can use with Divi Theme Builder

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1 – Simple Style but Not Default

By default, Divi use a very simple header menu style; a logo in left area and menu list on right area of header. Here are 5 styles from Menu module that you can get for free in Divi global presets.

  1. Centered button link with logo
  2. Inline centered logo with button link
  3. Full centered VW spaced menu with mobile label
  4. Right spaced menu with mobile label
  5. Left spaced menu with mobile label

To get this module, you need to be a subscriber in Divi Daily email list and get the free module and tutorial on this link.

Beside the style above, you can also create a custom menu using background and divider on Divi Theme Builder module. With a little creativity, it can create a unique frame for your navigation menu. See the tutorial how to create it here.

2 – eCommerce Mega Menu

There are several ways to customize your website layout and look while designing a web site for eCommerce using Divi Theme and WooCommerce. With the Divi Theme Builder and WooCommerce module, you can create customized templates for your product and category pages, even much more.

However, it is also necessary to think about the navigation experience that visitors will have besides making sure the website layout and the WooCommerce structure. Your website visitor’s behaviour will be set by how your menus are designed since they usually use them for shopping actions.

Beside using the layout pack provided by Divi for eCommerce, Divi has also given an eCommerce mega menu style with some tweaks in your code. You can also free download the JSON file from Divi blog. The tutorial for this style can be read here.

3 – Slide Down Push Menu

Numerous navigation links on your large headers can disturb many important spaces on your website feature, especially when the position is above the fold since it is very strategic. This is why, the pop-up and slide-in menu style are becoming popular. Usually, if the menu displays and stays above the content in slide-in style, some certain elements will be hidden. It is different from the function of slide down push menu style. It slides from the top of the page while pushing the contents of the page down, so there is no hidden content.

Divi Theme Builder has provided free preset for this menu style. Once you create the menu, it will be flexible and match with all types of applications because you will be able to fill the section with any content you want using the Divi Builder. You can download the preset here with the tutorial too.


4 – “New” or “Featured” Corner Label

Designing your website header in a proper way will help increasing the click rate by optimizing the user actions. Beside looking fantastic, your header should also provide a user-friendly menu style. Adding a ‘feature’ and ‘new’ label on your menu can be one of the most effective options to attract the visitor attention. These corner labels help visitor to illustrate the things in your list and increase the interest of your guests. You can follow the tutorial and download the template here.

5 – Sticky Category Menu

The category menu is a helpful feature on a website. It allows website owner to show various types of topics so that readers can quickly and easily reach the items they care about. Because of this reason, it is then important for your blog to provide a well-designed category menu in most related templates on your site. Download the template and tutorial here.

6 – Segmented Circular Menu

Divi always gives us an out-of-the-box design idea for WordPress website in easier way. One of the most stunning menu styles is a lovely segmented circular menu which expands and falls by the click in circular shape. The trick in creating segmented areas is to use a skew transformation in a very singular way like a pie chart by transforming the Divi Blurb. Download the template for free here.

7 – Circular Icon Menu that Expands on Click

A circular icon menu is an elegant way to add a convenient menu to your Divi web. This menu design is intuitive and acts as a fixed menu for your mobile devices. A circular Divi icon menu really highlights the Divi Builder’s powerful design capabilities. Download the free template here.

8 – Blurb Menu on Hover/Click

This style gives the stunning blurb menu that expands when you hover or click it. The tutorial itself is detail, so you can follow the step by step here.

9 – Swipe Menu Bar

A swipe menu bar is an ideal way for the website to communicate with visitor. You’ll have the same experience for user in all screen size and you can use this technique for any website. See the tutorial here.

10 – Floating Pop-out Menu

A floating pop-out menu style can make your visitor access to your menu easier anytime they browse the pages of your website. This is excellent in sub-navigation menus, which complement the top of your page with your main navigation. You can also see menus related to the content of your page. As an example, for your service page, you might want to have a custom sub-browser menu with links to all services available. See how to create it here.

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