An element (sometimes referr as a “module”) is a pre-design component which can be insert to a post or page in the Divi theme for WordPress to show and organise content. There are many other types of content that may can be insert to your website using elements, including text, videos, images, forms, maps, and much more.

Every element includes a unique collection of customisation that let you fine-tune the element’s behavior and appearance to meet your unique requirements. You could add a content paragraph to your page using a text element, for instance, and then alter the text’s color, font, and size by using element’s options.

Simply launch the page builder interface then drag any element from the selection of available elements onto the page’s main content area to add one to your website by using Divi theme. The element’s configuration panel can use to adjust it as necessary.

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Use the drag-and-drop feature of the Divi page builder

to add and organize elements into your website by doing the following steps:

  • By going to the “Posts” or “Pages” area of your WordPress admin area, choosing the post or page you wish to manage, and selecting the “Edit with Divi” button, you can access the Divi page builder.
  • A list of available elements display on the left side of the page builder interface. Drag and drop these components, commonly referred to as “modules,” into main content area to insert them to your post or page.
  • Simply click and hold over an element’s item inside the list, then drag it into the desired position on the page to add it. Once you release the mouse button, a blue outline will show up to show where the element position.
  • You could click and drag elements to different positions on the webpage to organize them. To change an element up or down inside the hierarchy of elements. User can also use “Move” buttons inside the options panel for that element.
  • The many customisation options in the options menu for every element can be use to fine-tune the element’s look and functionality once you have added and arranged the desired elements.
  • Once you’re done, press the “Save” button to put your revisions into effect and make your update website live.

We hope this is useful. If you have any additional queries regarding utilizing the Divi page builder, please let me know.

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