Every blogger must have a reliable backup plugin. There are so many website backup plugins available from free to premium options. However, the most reliable and powerful option is BackupBuddy. Developed by iThemes, this backup & migration plugin has been used for more than a half million websites from 2010.

What Is BackupBuddy?

We never know when hacks, bad commands, user errors, deleted files, malware and server crashes happen. Backup Buddy can be a solid backup plan for your WordPress site. Most free plugins can be used for database backup but they will require you upgrade to premium if you want complete backup. So, it will be better for you to switch to this one. This plugin can monitor your site as well as create autopilot backups.

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Why Do You Need This Backup Plugin?

Manual backup may take about 3 or more days for complete backup. Besides taking longer time, manual backup also requires much effort. Now, you can get complete backup with ease and effortless. In seconds, this backup plugin can migrate your content to another host and it does not cause downtime.

This backup plugin lets you take complete backups in form of zip files. Besides, you can also restore your site on another hosting provider easily. Restoring website using this backup plugin only takes around 10 seconds. It also does not cause any error.

What Are the Features?

Talking about BackupBuddy features, this backup plugin offers some useful features. Here are the features that you need to know:

  • Backup Entire Site

This backup plugin can migrate the entire site including settings, database, themes, pages, plugins, posts, comments, WordPress core, widgets, media, users and all files and directories. Those will be migrated into zip files so that you can easily restore them.

  • BackupBuddy Stash

BackupBuddy offers 1 GB cloud storage in the stash to upload backup on off-site location. It tracks the real time changes to plugins, pages, posts, media and also themes, then push them up immediately for the safe storage.

  • Restore with ImportBuddy

The best feature is ImportBuddy where it makes migrating WordPress website much easier. After restoring, the backups will be deleted automatically for security reason.

  • Store Off-Site

This plugin can save your backups to off-site location like email, FTP, Stash live, Google drive, drop box, amazon cloud or other cloud storage. So, you have to configure the location and store the important files.

The Strengths of BackupBuddy

Compared to other backup plugins, this one has some good things. First, it offers automated backup that does not fail. Besides that, it also sends the backup to off-site storage system. Then, it restores at click of a button with no messing. Last, this plugin comes with the best and also easiest user interface.


Based on the review above, we can conclude that BackupBuddy belongs to one of the best backup plugins for WordPress sites. Even more, it is considered as the first rank backup plugin and has been used by thousand bloggers around the world. They have proven that this plugin is safe and easy to use. So, this is recommended so much for an internet marketer, website developer, freelancer, and of course a blogger. Comes with special plans, you can choose your desired plan based on your need. Thousand bloggers have used it and now it is your turn.

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