Are you looking to create beautiful custom header designs with advanced menus on the Divi webpage? This is your package! This pack contains brand-new Divi modules menu, dozens of custom Divi header designs and a versatile multi – purpose Divi child theme that ties together the entire range.

Set of Complete Divi Menus Module

This package contains 2 extra DiviMenus extensions, include Floating DiviMenus and Media DiviMenus, in the powerful DiviMenus module. All three items together give you the opportunity to build a wide variety of new menu styles with unique features.


Build beautiful full-screen menus

Are you trying to create beautiful full screen menus? The Divi Menu Builder is the answer! This module makes you start a full-screen menu that you construct using the Divi Builder. That means you’ve got complete power! It comes with some fantastic pre-made menu templates, too.

Select New Menu Module with Tones Of Choices

The basic Divi menu module is awesome, but if you’re searching for something similar but with more functionality, templates and design choices, you’re absolutely loving Divi MadMenu. This is amongst the most feature-rich menu modules upon that market.

Divi MadMenu

Four Divi Header Layout Bundles Including 800+ Header Designs Collections

Thinking about changing the traditional design of the Divi header for something new? Big kudos to the Divi Builder, you have complete control of the style of the Divi Header. This package contains the greatest set of pre-made Divi header designs which you can install with just a few clicks. This covers the Divi WP Header Sections, the Divi Header Layout Pack, and the best selling Divi Header Bundle. This package has all of them!

A Multi – purpose Child Theme Including Pre-Made Header Designs

Are you searching for an all-in-one option? The Avanti Child Theme makes it much easier to launch your next Divi web. Among many other items, this layout contains a variety of pre-made header layouts which you could choose from.