Would you like to create a popular WordPress powered website, an online marketplace, or a personal website? If yes, your e-mail list should have been at the top of the priority list. This is an important thing that is often ignored in preparation of other tasks, but it shouldn’t be. Building your email list since day one helps you to start establishing a relationship with your website potential customers and helps you to contact them at any time you want. Social networking communications and other ways of correspondence are easily missed or will not be available to your consumers although if you pay, and you can send your emails to customers in a much more personal way.

Bloom is among the most successful plugins on the Elegant Themes company. With its debut, they interrupted the e-mail optin form plugin area in the very same way they have done on the social networking plugin area with their excellent Monarch, as well as the page builder area with their Divi Builder plugin.

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Why do You Use Bloom?

With any special promotion you make, you can advertise it to the opt-in email customer and increase the profit of your website. There are a number of different WordPress plugins that can help you build an opt-in email template. Then why should you use the Bloom plugin?

The response lies in the specification of the plugin or how it functions. These days, the development of your website needs to be quite as innovative as the applications you use to operate the website. Since the Bloom plugin has a range of different designs, you can choose anything you need and also have full control over the position of the form.

You’re not going to find the value or amount of capabilities that Bloom has to give in a free plugin. If you’re concerned about your internet business, it’s a good way to invest some cash on products like Bloom that can offer a strong return on investment.

Since this plugin is developed by a qualified and reliable team, you can trust Bloom to keep up to date with recent technologies too.

Bloom Plugin Features

The ability to get a large email list cannot be ignored. However, the whole process of collecting the list is harder than it sounds. The key to its success lies with how your e-mail opt-in process performs.

In the modern era, installing annoying pop-ups on your site can be risky and can do more harm than good. It is because these days, visitors are sick of being spammed with promotional materials, opt-ins, GDPR updates, etc. Bloom provides a number of choices so that you can select the one which best suits your market.

This plugin works with an amazing range of features that offer you full control over the position and actions of your opt-in type.

Various Email Optin Form

Luckily, whenever it comes to features, Bloom doesn’t disappoint you. It is only available with a single license or subscription plan which ensures that users have access to all its features — including the ability to pick between six forms of opt-in form.

The view forms not just to increase the exposure of the visitor, but it also increases the probability of the visitor signup. Forms of display include:

PopUp – This display choice allows us to build opt-in pop-ups which are triggered by time delays, after payment or customer feedback, or if a visitor gets to the end of a page or post.

Fly-In – This feature is identical to automated opt-in pop-ups. It provides 10 fly-in graphics, 6 auto triggers, and can be placed at the bottom right or left of the monitor.

Inline – Inline opt-in types are an excellent choice with well-versed WordPress users. This form of layout allows the positioning of shortcodes anywhere inside the text. It can also be configured to show an opt-in form below each page and article. The greatest thing is there’s no restriction on the number of opt-in forms you could build using this feature.

Below Article – This opt-in type is the perfect way to draw the awareness of the most active readers. As its title suggests, the opt-in type is shown below the contents of the tab. This makes it the perfect alternative for blog articles and content-rich websites.

Widget Zone – This feature allows the user to view an opt-in box on the sidebars and footers. You can build as many opt-in types as you’d like, add them to all of the widget sections on your web.

Locked Content – This design choice is the best way to store premium content. It helps you to build shortcodes to protect content to ensure that it is only available to loyal users. More still, it encourages material to comply to the guidelines of SEO, making it available to search engine results.

If you select your opt-in form, you will need to assign it a title and choose integration type which is your newsletter service, like Aweber, Mailchimp, etc.

Various Types Form Template

A great collection of form styles isn’t all that Bloom has to give by any stretch of the imagination — these have heaps up its hands, such as access to high-quality pre-made templates.

You can change all the aspects in the Bloom designs, such as the title, text, graphic, animation effects, font, and borders, and review the layout before you take your decisions.

These type designs could either be used as they are or modified via the design choices. Although you will not get a visual builder tool to change models, you can simply preview the design at any time by pressing the floating preview button.

The floating preview button is a very good feature, allowing you to immediately see how your design develops by showing it in the lightbox pop-up window. And, since the button is still on view, it removes the need to move the browser tabs, save your job, or miss your position by moving up or down the page.

Email Marketing Service Integration

The most critical aspect for an email opt-in plugin is the incorporation with your e-mail marketing service. If your template cannot be incorporated with your e-mail marketing company, there is really no point in providing an e-mail opt-in form. Bloom seamlessly integrates with 19 of the most common email marketing service company.

Bloom is simply a tool to get your audiences to sign up to your mailing list or newsletters. It is therefore great to know that it incorporates all of the most prominent mailing list marketing services, including AWeber, MailChimp, Constant Touch, ConvertKit, GetResponse, Infusionsoft, MailerLite, and plenty more. You also can incorporate a plugin for several accounts, which ensures that you can subscribe to the various lists that you run.

The integration is very simple: unlike other premium brands, there is no need to create raw HTML for the templates, and then copy paste it into plugin.

Full Opt-in Form Control

In additional to configuration tools for the design of your form, Bloom also provides a range of additional features for checking your e-mail opt-in forms and evaluating their efficiency.

Category and Post Targeting

This is yet another important feature provided by Bloom that allows you to view post-or category-specific opt-in forms. If you provide a form with details relevant to particular content post or categories, users tend to consider it valuable and join in an opt-in form.

SPlit A/B Testing

Bloom’s A/B split testing feature allows you to compare the output of several variants of same opt-in form to help you identify which variant is by far the most efficient.

You can evaluate various sets of options depending on the triggers, the location, and the layout of the forms.

Automatic Trigger

Bloom comes with a range of various trigger choices to view flying or popup forms.

Time, for example, after X sec.

Scroll depth – when the user reaches the end of a post or when you use your own specific percentage.

Click – you can define the CSS style that a visitor needs to press to open a popup. This helps you to build two-step opt-ins.

After a comment – this is a special trigger that lets you initiate an opt-in after a user makes a comment. Since they’ve left a message, you realize they’re interested, so now is a great time to persuade them to enter your list.

After buying – like “after comment” – this is another unique mechanism that interacts with audiences at a moment when they are engaged. It will be shown on the WooCommerce “Thank you” page when a customer has completed their order.

Statistic Dashboard to Track Your Campaign Performance

You cannot improve what you’re not testing! But it turns out that testing is not a stroll in the park, particularly if the right data is not available.

Bloom plugin provides useful performance data for all working opt-in forms, centralizes data on a comprehensive stats screen, offering real time notifications to keep you updated. The statistics panel displays information in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand format. It shows impression data, conversion rate for all active email opt-in types.

In addition, over the last 12 months, you can see the average growth rates, the best-performing areas, and a latest sign-up graph. These stats allow you to obtain simple and insightful observations that support your decision-making process.

What is more important is that you could always import and export data from Bloom. The plugin helps you to import or export important data from one site to another. This feature facilitates website migration and provides an easy way to back up Bloom data regularly.


Bloom plugin is a fantastic plugin that we’ve come to expect from Elegant Themes. It really is super easy to install and you’ll be able to make your first opt-in in no time at all. The plugin faces strong competition with many other WordPress plugin such as Thrive Leads and OptinMonster, and actually works really well. It doesn’t have as many features as those plugins, but we think it’s a great value for price.

The number of pre-made templates is incredible, exceeding that of their rivals and they are all beautifully designed, so you’ll be able to modify them to fit the theme and colors of your site very easily.

Lastly, if you’re interested in some of the stuff of Elegant Themes like Divi, Bloom would be a no-brainer since membership in Elegant Themes gets you access to all. But even if you’re not, Bloom still can give a great deal of value as it allows you use plugin on unlimited websites at one cost.

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