One of the advantages of WordPress was its ability to control your WordPress theme as much as you want. Through over 3000 WordPress themes available throughout the WordPress directory, you could install lots before finding the perfect WordPress theme for the website. Also there are literally thousands of themes that aren’t in the WordPress directory. Many of theme are premium with beautiful designs and functionalities.

If you already have a theme that you like, consider installing Divi Builder so you can enjoy all of the advantages of the Divi Theme model without having to code. The features of your theme will be preserved, so if you’ve a function coded into the current WP theme files, you can start changing your design without having lost it.

The Divi Builder Plugin gives you the ability to the Divi Library and the various configurations which the Divi Builder provides, but you will not get the same options as the Divi Theme custom builder.

To summarize, if you’re using the Divi theme, you do not have to deploy the Divi builder because it is already included. If you’re using a different theme and want to take advantage of the Divi Builder plugin, you can do so.

You can use Divi Builder to add, delete, and edit block contents. It has an infinite number of layout options, and also its fluid area of contents are ideal for such a responsive approach design. It employs Divi Builder Modules, which function similarly to content blocks, to generate an almost endless amount of layout combinations.

It was designed to revolutionize the design process by allowing web designers with no or little development and design experience in developing beautiful sites using a drag – and – drop interface. Contextual configurations and right-click options allow you to accelerate up your work and entirely personalize each aspect of your site for power users.

Divi Builder is a promising option for WordPress-savvy website owners. It allows for content editing and site development at a fraction of the cost of switching to a new theme. The innovative controls and limitless layout options make it an excellent option for site design as well.