With the Divi Page Builder, users can create visually appealing websites without having to learn how to code. But did you know that you can also make cool stuff like countdown timers and progress bars with Divi Page Builder? This post will discuss how to use the Divi Page Builder to add these interactive features to your website, leading to a more satisfying and involved user experience.

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CountDown Timers

Countdown timers are an excellent tool for building suspense and holding the attention of your audience. The divi module are a great way to get people excited about a forthcoming event, sale, or product launch, and Divi Page Builder makes it easy to add one to your website. Including a Timer Module with a Countdown: The Countdown Timer module is a standalone component of the Divi Page Builder that may be dropped wherever you choose. There you can alter the timer’s color, font, and background, as well as set the desired start and end times.

You may customize the look of the countdown timer in Divi Page Builder to make it fit in with the rest of your site. Using the available options, you can make a timer that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly noticeable.

When the countdown timer approaches zero, you can have the Divi Page Builder perform a predetermined action. With Divi, it’s simple to set up automated actions like sending emails, redirecting users to a new page, or displaying a promotional message.

Progress Bars

The use of progress bars is highly recommended for visually depicting the completion or advancement of a work, goal, or project. Create progress bars to visually represent any metric with ease using the Divi Page Builder.
Using the Development Status Module: The Progress Bar module of the Divi Page Builder makes it simple to integrate progress indicators into your websites. Percentage, color palette, animation type, and width are just some of the factors you can adjust to your heart’s content.

Integrating Divi Page Builder’s progress bars with your site’s data or custom fields makes for dynamic progress tracking. In an online course, progress bars can link to users’ percentages of course completion.

The Divi Page Builder’s advanced styling options allow you to give your progress bars a unique look and feel. You may play around with different colors, gradients, and animations to make progress indicators that are both eye-catching and interesting to view.


In sum, the interactive elements offered by Divi Page Builder, such as countdown timers and progress bars, set it apart from other page builders. Using these adaptable features, you may effectively build suspense, monitor development, and interact with your audience. Adding a countdown timer or progress bar to your website is a breeze with Divi Page Builder thanks to its intuitive UI and rich personalization options. Make use of Divi Page Builder’s potent tools to improve your site’s interactivity, readability, and aesthetic appeal.

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