There is no doubt on the significance farm website with online presence for modern farmers. Farming is often associated with hard independence, a sense of local community, as well as a disconnection from the pressures of modern life.

Although not all urban farms require a webpage, there are indeed a lot of advantages and disadvantages to take into account. We’ll look at the time, advantages, difficulties, and work involved in running a website on your farm in this post.

Farmer from Indiana Brian Scott made the decision to stop reading about other people’s opinions of agriculture in 2011. The farmer of corn, wheat, soybeans, and popcorn asserts that “if farmers are not speaking on how food is produced, someone else is speaking that story.”

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Scott decided to establish a blog despite the fact that he claims to have had no prior experience.Scott already become agvocator, Scott also make a variety of social media sites to show his work and what is done on his farm. In fact, he currently serves on the board of the AgChat Foundation and counsels other farmers who are interested in agvocating. His knowledge of technology has improved, and he now posts films that he takes with a drone and GoPro —which, he assures his wife, he also uses for crop scouting. Although he is no more a tech beginner, WordPress is still used for his blog. He originally chose WordPress since it’s a platform that makes it simple to create a website. It makes updating a breeze, which is why Scott (who is not related to the editor) keeps using it.

The best CMS platform for you may be WordPress if you’re thinking of starting a blog or website. Because WordPress is open source, simple to use, and responsive, your website will adapt to the size of the device that users are using to view it. This explains why WordPress powers 50% of all websites. In just four simple steps, you may join the online world.

Advantages of Creating a Website for Farmers

The advantages of a website may be indirect, therefore makes it challenging to measure them. Accessing and gathering data on marketing and advertising is incredibly difficult, especially given the size of the majority of farm websites. Instead, think about the more fleeting advantages and objectives:

Contact lists

A major objective for any website should be building a robust email list. You can attract a lot more buyers to your items if you can routinely deliver updates about your farm, crops, and public appearances. 

Social support

You can brag about how fantastic your stuff is, but ultimately you’ll have to display it. Websites offer consumers a “hub” to promote your farm, help to portray transparency, and give a location to highlight customers and items. All of these features encourage more people to buy your produce.

Digital traffic sales

The majority of visitors to your website will be natural, meaning they will find it by using search engine such As Bing, Google, and Yahoo. They’re probably specifically looking for you or whatever you have to offer in this situation. Only by having an online presence can you benefit from this kind of traffic. Some of those online users will eventually buy something.

Basic contact details

You must make your contact information available if you would like people to join your CSA, join to your mailing list, tour the farm, or ask inquiries that will result in a sale. While maintaining contact forms could be difficult, adding an email address to reach your farm is a quick fix.


The benefit that is most obvious is also the simplest. The first resource that potential clients will probably use is a web presence. This was covered earlier when we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of a website, and while it is important to note. Websites give you the chance to advertise your business, show off your product line, and communicate with clients directly. You need a place to host your material if you intend to share links, promote on media channels, or host any “learn more” stuff.

Step by Step on How To Build A Farmer Website

Pick A Website Domain Name

Your website’s name will be this. was chosen by Scott. Some farm websites, like or , feature either the farm name or the owners’ last name.

Setup Hosting

Thru a web hosting service like easywp namecheap, you can complete both of these processes. Choose a hosting provider that offers one-click WordPress installation. (That will significantly simplify Step 3).

Install WordPress

You have two choices for installing WordPress on your domain name. Use your hosting provider’s one-click installation option as the initial step. After logging into your account on the website of your hosting provider, you will notice this.

WordPress can be manually install, but be aware that this will take more time and effort.

Setup a WordPress theme

You can choose free or premium themes for WordPress, Choose this option from the drop-down box on the Themes page to see the free ones. The wordpress theme you choose must be install and activated after you’ve done so.

The number of themes that are expressly designed for farming and agricultural enterprises may surprise you.

These WordPress themes aren’t simply outstanding; they were all created with farms in consideration. The provided layouts and templates are exactly what you need. Additionally, they have a ton of fantastic customization options, allowing you to completely tailor your website to your preferences.

I would personally suggest Divi to construct a farmer website quickly if you’re searching for a theme with a professionally built interface for your website. Even those who are unfamiliar with website development can launch a website using the well-known theme builder Divi.

Create Farmer Website Using Divi Farmer Layout Pack

Divi already create a special Farmer Layout Pack, This collection includes all the pages you’ll need to quickly construct a stunning farmer website. The farmer layout pack already have numerous unique designs, icons, and images that you can use on your website. The design layouts are designed to highlight product that are ideal for providing buyers with an online farmer’s market.

Key Elements

With specifically created icons, graphics, and images, this Farmer theme collection truly makes the website stunningly one-of-a-kind. Users will like the Process page, which is a wonderful feature. Additionally, the Products page will be crucial for launching an online farmer’s market.

Live demonstrations

To view a live demo each of the design layouts in the pack, click one of the links below.

Farmer Divi Layouts Demo

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