DiviAgency is a premium Divi child theme with a slight but beautiful design. DiviAgency have numerous pages which included on services, making it an excellent solution for an agency. The child theme also contains various format examples, you can also colour it to fit your webpage. Throughout this child theme overview, we’re going to look at DiviAgency to make sure you know if it’s the correct Divi child theme for your requirements.

Design of the Web

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The web design home page is the very first stuff you recognize with the circular design, the colors, the graphic elements, and also the sticky icons. Numerous background and graphics utilise transition configurations to animate or float as the scrolls or page loads. Most pages have a form with this header.

The services are highlighted by the CTA on the left.  Portfolio and  Read More buttons provide animation hover  that shift their colors to fit in with the rest of the layout. An animated down arrow brings attention to the scroll arrow down. There is a graphic upon its right that fits the layout design. The experience includes a circular graphic and  pattern used on the design.


Next section contains the styled blurbs used to display the services. They’ve got big icons and effects of hover. Throughout this example, I’m hovering over third blurb, that removes the shadow box and shows the hover boundary. From of the earlier sections to this one, the background patterns continue.

The third section displays the graphics on the one hand and the text on another. It’s great to highlight a service. It has a clean background and shows a part of a circular graphic.

Next part is related but does use an alternate layout of the previous section. The graphics fit the rest of the design. Clouds are dividing this section from the next one.

This section shows a set of blurb throughout a gray background that mixes over to the next section, Many of the blurbs is highlighted with a shadow box.


A part at other services shows a big graph above the background gradient. The service providers have titles and brief descriptions.


Client Testimonials placed around a block of statistics with amount counters. Testimonials also include rating of a star.


The blog section shows the most recent blog posts in a styled background. The blog post page already add to the child theme.

A large section of info gives clickable buttons in the styled row which meet the sticky buttons. More information is stored in an alternate layout to big graphics. This is a good way of showing info while trying to keep the design clean and fascinating.


The footer has been developed with the Theme Builder. It contains a few blocks of text and color as a CTA and a clicked button linked to a contact page.

Graphical Design

The Graphic Design page will underline a service. It contains the header and footer discovered from the other pages and contains a part to introduce a service utilizing text and blurbs. Instances of work are shown in the shadow box gallery within each image.

Maintenance of the website

Website Maintenance is a different service page. This one adds a price table to the footer, header, and beginnings section. The pricing table sits over a cloud divider background to step apart. Two of a tables mix with background when the center table takes a different color and a shadow box.


The portfolio page is straightforward but efficient. This contains a header that meets the entire site, but also with a distinct illustration. It uses a complex footer as well. Work is shown in a gallery.

Blog Page

The blog is very clean and simple. The blog page as well as the posts do not include a header, but they would include a global footer. Provides a recent posts, search box, and latest comments widgets to the sidebar.


The Pricing page provides pricing tables, a CTA part with cloud separators, and a blurb part that links to the main services.

Contact us page

The Contact Us page contains a header, but its not a global footer. It provides contact info blurbs and a stylish contact form which then shows a red boundary on left side of the hover field.

Sticky Icon

The sticky buttons open on the hover to reveal their material. Every button can be clicked. This displays the icon of the phone.


The menu uses a slide-in style and provides an icon to the hamburger. It tries to open from the left and contains a stylized background in 2 parts. The main portion shows social buttons, a search box, a phone number and an email address. The bottom section shows the color of the hamburger left menu edge and links to all of the home page. It’s all able to click except for the contact number.

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