A website containing several web pages and a number of functionalities and features. This typicall website is known to as a complex multiple-page website. These websites typically have a number of sections, pages and subpages, as well as many sorts of information, including text, photographs, videos, and more.

Typical elements of complicated multi-page websites include:

Users can move between the various pages on your website using the navigation menu, which is a list of links.

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  • Contact form: A contact form is an online form that lets website visitors get in touch with you directly.
  • Search Bar : Users can search for specific material on your website using a search bar, which is a field.
  • A Collection of images that could be shown on one page or several pages together. We often call it an image gallery.
  • A blog section is a group of posts or articles that are arranged chronologically, categorically, or according to tags.
  • E-commerce functionality: This feature enables customers to purchase goods and services straight from your website.

A Complex multi-page website can serve a number of functions. This including publishing articles on a weblog or news site, exhibiting a portfolio, giving visitors information about a company or organization, or selling goods online.

Create Multiple Page With Features Website With Divi

Divi can help you to create Complex websites with multiple pages and features. With a visual page builder, a number of modules, and templates available, Divi makes it easy to design unique websites.

Let’s begin with the visual page builder first. Using a drag-and-drop interface, the Divi page builder enables you to design unique layouts for every page of your website. You can add a variety of modules to your page, including text, images,forms, buttons, videos, and more. Divi use can alter the look and behavior of each module using a variety of settings and parameters.

You may easily drag a text module into your page and begin entering content if you wish to add one, for instance. Using the options panel, you may change your text’s font, color, size, alignment, or other features. Also, you can include additional modules, such pictures or videos, and alter their appearance and functionality using the options panel.

Let’s move on to the issue of templates. You can use Divi’s collection of pre-designed templates as the foundation for your website. These themes contain blogs, online stores, blogs, portfolios, landing pages, and more. Using the page builder, you may pick a template that suits your needs and modify it to your taste.

For instance, you can use the page builder to edit the Online Shop template if you wish to construct an online store. With the built-in modules and settings, you can add shopping cart functionality, product pages, payment options, and more.

Let’s finally discuss Divi’s additional features. A variety of other capabilities included with Divi can assist you in building elaborate websites with several pages and functionality. With Divi, you can, for instance, make your own headers and footers, give your pages animations and effects, and make global elements that can use in your entire website.


In general, Divi is a strong and flexible theme that has the ability to build a variety of websites, from straightforward one-page sites to intricate sites with numerous pages and features. Divi is a popular option for many web designers and developers thanks to its drag-and-drop visual page builder, pre-made design templates, and some other capabilities.

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