Reliable for every biz planning to sell online products, divi ecommerce ships with such amount of amazing things that will help to make sales easier. Two home pages come equipped with a set of amazing features, like  Trending and Featured Product showcases to highlight popular products, per Day Counting down Deal to highlight time-sensitive offers, and even a stand-out email opt-in form to help expand a subscriber list.

The beautifully designed store sees a stunning layout matched with a configurable sidebar developed for WooCommerce. Beyond that, every product page, which it has three unique layouts to choose between, includes a variety of elements, like breadcrumb interface, category and Tag style related products, and custom-coded vertical tabbed showcases to also include extra information in a nondistracting element.

Along with a blog element and beautifully made About and Contact Pages, child theme contains already-established and styled shopping pages, like Cart, Login Account  and Checkout Pages.

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Divi eCommerce Child Theme

Home Pages More Options

Get even more profits with featured and popular product display features. Display time-sensitive deals with countdown clocks, or develop an engaged shopper’s group with stand-out email optin.   Just choose that you like and best or set up A/B research to evaluate which one works best to your customers.

Online Shoppers’ Delight

Divi Ecommerce is much more than a nice design. Utilise configurable WooCommerce features and sidebar designs to improve revenue.

Poppin’s Product Page

Divi Ecommerce comes with 3 different product page layouts to choose between, such as breadcrumb navigation, Tag and Category designs, related products, and configurable vertical tabs to show information more quickly.

Others Essentials

And then of course, Divi Ecommerce contains styles for web as well as other important WordPress features such as the Blog or News section, the About page, and also the Contact page. If you’re operating a physical store and just wants to increase an online presence or you’re completely digital, Divi Ecommerce would then accelerate growth and improve selling.

Divi Ecommerce and WooCommerce

Need your shopfront up – and – running in all of the styles you will need sell everything online, such as digital and physical products. Divi Ecommerce can help you market anything from bigger items like furniture and appliances  to digital files and apparel, such as music and photographs. Get started to sell more quickly with Divi Ecommerce.

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