Divi Girl is a premium Divi child theme with plenty of  layouts, pages, and functionalities required to create an excellent website for women entrepreneurship. When using this child theme, you will start a site which will be able to manage your online business which you can offer your services and products.  This includes 12 various page variations, and over 10 premade pages, and also more than 40+ custom design layouts for blog posts, pages,  search pages, and also WooCommerce design layouts. So, you would never have run out of ideas to create a wonderful feminine webpage for you. Or maybe your customers.

12 Design Layouts of homepages with Divi Girl

If either you are an developing agency developing of Divi website or not, getting numerous design layouts in an only one child theme offers the chance to modify the feel and look of the website anytime needed, without even doing additional work. And because of this, Divi Girl arrives with 12 homepage design layouts to increase the probability of developing best feminine websites for a wide range of industries.

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divi girl child theme

The layouts of the available homepage are as follows:

Extended: Standard homepage design layout with such a wide herospace, numerous customized team sections, items, links to latest blogs, customer testimonials, and much more. Select it if you don’t want to keep the business centered on your site.

Blog: Transform Divi to blog by using Divi Girl’s blog home page design layout. It allows female bloggers to set up their genuine site quickly with various design ideas.

Lifecoach: Going to look for a life coach design layout, finally Divi Girl will be your first fave child’s theme. It’s own life coach main page variability contains customer testimonials, services section,  header contact CTA, and a wider herospace to highlight your business brand.

Services: If you are a female businessman who offers services to multiple industrial sectors, then selecting this child theme on your portfolio website can be your best choice. It contains configurable service main page sections, team members,gallery,  FAQs page, and much more.

Speaker: A great public speaker deserves a better Divi speaker design layout, so this child’s theme offers it as the best. With all its speaker design layout, you’ll get the slider herospace with the CTA, a vast section for brief info. A video placeholder to participate visitors, customer testimonials, and a well-designed subscription form.

Yoga Trainer: Yoga symbolizes calmness and positive thinking, as does Divi Girl’s Yoga Trainer. A  free distraction-free main page variance with simple CTA’s, yoga class column, customer testimonials, trainer section,  and more that could be the new favourite and appreciation factor for woman yoga trainers.

Makeup Artist: Like every other industry, getting an online existence is helpful to growth. The same is true of makeup artists, via an internet presence, who can increase their careers. And you’ll have that in this divi child theme, too.

Author: The div author design layout available throughout this divi child theme could even help you create the author’s site without any time. Dedicated writers could also display their bestseller work, coming up soon pre-order books, new titles, and much more.

Senior care: This homepage design layout of the Divi Girl child theme arrives with slight configurable parts that are free distraction and can help you to set up a basic female senior care online business.

Childcare: Love children, and would like to operate a child care company? Therefore the layout of the homepage provided in this child theme could help you create a website that mom and dad would like visit.

Musician: Everybody frequently visits their favorite artist’s webpage and get to recognize them yet better. So, create a good musician website with Divi Girl’s homepage musician design layout which contains the upcoming display section, the album area showcased, and more than that.

Wedding Planner: a homepage design layout with a wide slider of hero space, a section for service providers with images, a gallery of events, a section to display the last organized wedding events, and much more.

Extra pages

Other than 12 homepage design layouts, also it contains static pages to support you deeply introduce your companies or profession. Extra page on the theme of the Divi Girl Child,

About: A slight page with a standard sidebar to insert details regarding your job or your business.

Contact: Simple and well-designed page with a contact info section and a form to assist website visitors quickly create queries and contact you.

More design pages and layouts: In addition to this, Divi Girl also contains FAQ page variability for static webpages. This includes a full-width page layout, pages with left and right sidebars, and 40+ Design layouts available to Divi Girl for Divi Theme Builder.

More layouts

Divi Girl child theme arrives with configurable layouts which are helpful for expanding site usability and also appearance.

10 Blog page design layouts To provide additional options for creating unique category and archive pages that allow individuals to engage more with the content of your website.

divi girl layout pack

06 Single post design layouts: to boost the readability and clarification of articles, this would help increase the engagement of your viewers with posts.

divi girl layout collection

05 WooCommerce page for Divi Builder: Not just the usability, but all these tailored WooCommerce product design page layouts also would improve the look of your online store.

Divi girl layout premium collection

Header layouts: To provide visitors to the site with an elegant and easy navigation.

divi girl header

Footer layouts: To make customers visit helpful site links with nicely crafted footer layouts.

footer layout pack on divi girl

As well as search results page design layouts: to boost your look and feel, and to give the customer a simple interface to search for info on the web.

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