Develop Dynamic Content using Divi & AFC (Advanced Custom Fields) with Divi Machine WordPress Plugin. 


By using the Divi Page Builder, you can make custom post types. 

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With custom post kinds, you may make almost any form of Divi website. Custom posts allow you to produce dynamically generated material like auto rentals, team members, real estate, testimonials, and more.

 -Make your own taxonomies

 You can use it to construct customized taxonomies to organize custom articles that include your content. Custom taxonomies are categories that you’ll utilize to organize your custom posts, allow us to create greater sophisticated websites. Please keep in mind that the plugin’s custom taxonomies are distinct from WordPress’s basic tags and categories.

 -Types of Linked Posts

 You may connect two custom post kinds using Divi Machine. With the real estate website, for instance, you could wish to link the “Houses” post type to the “Estate Agents” post type. You can use the plugin modules to show the connection between these two post kinds by using ACF post object.

 -Construct Custom Posts

 The plugin lets you construct custom post kinds that aren’t the same as the normal WordPress post types. You’ll be able to create more sophisticated websites with these new post kinds.

 -Personalized Categories and Tags

 You may customize tags and categories that are distinct from the basic WordPress tags and categories with Divi Machine.



With Divi and ACF, you can create dynamic content.

 Divi Machine makes use of the AFC (Advanced Custom Field) wordpress plugin to allow you show the data of each custom post wherever and however you want. Do you require a gallery slider or a button to download the file? It’s no problem.

 To show your content on the category/archive pages, Divi Machine designed a module which integrates with the Divi library. You have complete control over the design of your content when you use a customized loop layout made in the Divi library.

 -Tables, accordions, and tabs

 The bought pro edition of ACF plugin may be used to generate tabs, accordions, and tables with Divi Machine. You could dynamically generate stunning module styles with the repeater ACF type.

 -The ACF Map

 With Divi Machine, you can display a map on a single page that is dynamically generated by ACF. It took over all the Map module by using ACF Google Maps type to show a single pin over the map.

 -ACF Integrated

 Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), a reliable plugin and resource for building and showing custom fields, is used by Divi Machine.

 -Pages from the Archives

 The cornerstone of Divi Machine is archive pages, which provide you unlimited flexibility over the appearance of your Divi website. You’ll be able to see the custom post and categories that you’ve made using our modules on an archive page. orderby,  Ajax filters, category loop, and, most significantly, the archive loop of articles will all be available.

 Then there’s the custom loop layout, which lets you choose precisely how your posts should appear through an archive page. You might like to display the number of bathroom or bedrooms, for instance.

 -Single-Page Documents

 You may use Divi Machine to make single pages for the custom posts using the Divi Theme Builder. They have modules for all of you to use in addition to normal Divi modules, including the gallery slider and ACF items to show extra information.

 -Repeater of the ACF

 The ACF Repeater module on the plugin enables you to accomplish two things. To begin, repeat single ACF elements — these can be regular ACF fields. Second, the pro edition of ACF allows you to create a repeater field that contains numerous ACF fields.

 On desktop, tablet, and mobile, you can specify options such as grid columns in both scenarios. This eliminates the need for Divi columns and allows you to display three bits of information in a row.


 Divi Machine gives us the option for how your posts are displayed. In the Builder, you may make a slider or a carousel to display your posts. Create complicated post loops by filtering by ACF, such as “featured” or “new” posts.

 – Photographs

 The free plan of ACF may not allow you to establish a gallery in Divi. However, both of the free and premium versions of ACF allow you to construct a gallery using Divi Machine. You may make a gallery grid or a slider with Divi machine.


Create Ajax Filters and Search Forms

 Make custom search forms as well as ajax filtering with the Divi Builder. You can specify what you’d like to search for or filter, and also how and where the content should be displayed. It is quite effective.

 -Filters for Ajax

 When you use the the plugin in conjunction with the Page Builder, you have full control about which content is filtered and how it appears. We’ve incorporated powerful tools such number sliders so that your users can easily alter the filters and posts and see what they want.

 Divi Machine uses Ajax to change the content without having to reload the page. If you search for homes between £100,000 and £300,000, for example, it will filter out all homes outside of this price range and refresh the outcomes without refreshing the website.

 Please consider taking a look at Divi BodyCommerce for WooCommerce websites.

 -Sorting using Ajax

 This plugin lets you pick how your clients to organize your posts using the page builder.

 As illustration, if you’d like to rank your posts by highest to lowest, simply enter the ACF for the price in our options and select descending. Whenever your consumer chooses this option, the posts will be sorted from highest to lowest.

 -Ajax Load More

 By loading fewer articles on the first load and also not reloading the entire page while loading new articles, Ajax Load More decreases the time it takes for your webpage to load.

 Ajax Load More adds a button to the bottom of your posts. When you click this button, more posts will appear on your page without having to reload the full page.

 -Forms for searching

 You can use the plugin to create a complicated, bespoke search form for your website. We allow you full control over the search form’s content and appearance. Because Divi Machine makes use of the Page Builder, and no need to installing any other wordpress plugins.



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