Divi Page Builder Plugin


Divi Builder is rightly considered to become one of the best drag-and-drop page builder plugins on the internet. This powerful plugin lets you create complex web page layouts in seconds without even using code. Consequently, if you’ve no design experience on a website, you can create beautiful web pages with Divi Builder and add multimedia content to your site like stylish text, images, videos, tables, forms and many more.

Multiusage Visual Page Builder Drag and Drop Divi Builder Plugin

The Divi page builder could be used in any task. This is a multiple concept design which you can use to build a business site, an online portfolio, a blog platform, a web portal for your online training program or hotel, etc. With Divi, you could also build or modify your entire page with drag-and-drop page solutions without entering a piece of code.

Divi Builder makes it pretty easy to customize the WordPress theme. Everything you have to do is by selecting one of the pre-built modules and place them on the page anywhere you want with drag and drop options.

You never have to be professionally trained to use this plugin or even to know how it works. Everyone with little to no technical experience can make use this plugin to build their websites, design their own web pages and turn their creativity into a real website.

So What does Divi Builder Give to Their Client?

WordPress launched update of 5.0 version of their program at the end of 2018. It was a huge announcement as it left the original WYSIWYG editor with the new Gutenberg drag and drop block editor. So now, WordPress comes packed with page builder that have drag-and-drop features. You are asking why someone wants to buy another page builder solution like Divi, aren’t you?

I like the flexibility of the new Gutenberg block editor, but if you’ve used it, you’ll realize it’s a simple solution that has many limitations and very few configuration options. On the other hand, the possibilities with Divi builder are endless. It could be used to build anything from basic blog templates to complicated online stores or corporate websites. It really takes a page becoming a whole new stage.

Divi Builder was released in 2015 as a stand-alone page building program that works on any theme of WordPress. Originally, this feature can only be used inside the Divi theme which had been published two years ago by Elegant Themes. And over years, the visual page builder plugin has indeed been continuously extended and improved. Elegant Themes are regularly posting updates to their blog, outlining bug fixes, improvements, and important new features.

The visual page builder is a clear example of the evolution of the Divi Builder Plugin. Custom templates have been developed inside the WordPress editor in the previous version of Divi Builder. Afterward, a user friendly “Visual Builder” was introduced to help users develop templates on the front end of your site.

The visual builder has come to the forefront as the primary user interface of the Divi Builder, but you could still create layouts with the backend by using legacy builder if you like.

Divi Builder Key Features

Drag-and-Drop Visual Content Editor

Divi Builder has been launched as a backend page builder application, and now it’s a real front-end visual page editor. Kudos to this update, instead of operating with in back-end or WP Dashboard section of the WordPress site, you are simply modifying the front-end of your web page with a WYSIWYG.

The biggest drawback of back-end page builders is that you really don’t see how the layout would look when you turn to the front-end display. As a result, being able to operate instantly on the front-end of your webpage as you can with the newest version of Divi Page Builder, brings you an accurate image of how your audiences will view your site. This saves a lot of time, as you will not have to keep changing among backend and frontend modes, and it also eliminates the annoyance of finding that your designs don’t act the way you expected.

With Divi Builder, you could simply click on the page element — which include text — and begin editing it. When you work on the front-end of your website, you could see precisely how the website looks to your viewers.

Even so, operating in the backend environment has several benefits. You will get a good picture as to how the page was built, which modules are being used and how they’ve been structured. It can be useful once you’re developing a design and are not too worried with how it looks, but instead focus on the web page structure.

Fortunately, Divi Visual Page Builder now helps you taking to wireframe mode, instantly hiding the contents of each module and getting the page layout more prominent. In wireframe mode, you have a complete view of the design of your page and the modules you are using. So you can easily drag things around and change the layout without the contents of the modules standing in the way.

By having these two different modes, Divi Page Builder helps you work in the way you like whenever you want to.

Along with the the wireframe mode and frontend visual page editor, several other features are already added to the Divi Page Builder since it was launched. Today you could easily undo and redo any activities you’ve taken in the visual page editor, turn to a mobile field of view and see how your design looks on your mobile device, and zoom in and zoom out to get a complete view of the whole website.

These features make Divi Page Builder sounds rather like a separate web design software system than a traditional WordPress plugin. While adding so much new features is a positive thing, getting an environment that is so dissimilar from the standard WordPress Editor might have its disadvantages when it relates to usability.

With all that in perspective, after looking at many of the best features of Divi Page Builder, we’re beginning to discover the experience for users of this plugin.

Complete Customization

From text size, style to color to anything else, Divi provides complete customization of any design. No matter what you see, you can modify it. Without the need to use any extra plugins and software, you can customize your webpage as you like. You can edit layout sizes, the colors of various buttons, text boxes, and picture galleries along with any little detail of each website page to make sure your viewers find that attractive.

You can also use Divi page builder options to manage elements such as your navigation options, logo, connect your social sharing buttons, and add different colors and fonts. The design options are fully loaded and can be viewed in the wordpress admin area within Divi Options.

Library of Divi

Divi Page Builder also provides a storage plugin labeled as the Divi Library that you can store the edited and created design for future use. Maybe you saved a design that you would be able to incorporate on your webpage at a future date? Sure, you could easily manage it from the Divi Library. If you have a complete page or section or a single module , you could edit it and place it in the Divi library and access it to put it anywhere on the webpage at any particular time for effective website management.

Pre-Made Layout Design

On Divi, you can design your site from scratch or use one of the more than 1,000 pre-made layout designs. That’s correct, Divi page builder comes along with more than 1000 free design layout of the website. Start installing the layout from Divi Library and configure it before you drop it.

Newly designed Divi templates are added regularly, which means that you’ll have new ideas to create website that seem out of this universe. The great thing of it is the designs come with plenty of free royalty pictures, illustrations and icons so you can build your website without any worries on copyright problem.

Divi website templates come in several categories, including navigation elements, header footer designs,  content modules, and much more.  Whether you’re designing a website for an organization, a restaurant, an online class, a company, an e-commerce website or something else, Divi has a layout design for you.

46 Modules to Create a Fantastic Web Page

To help you make websites with drag-and-drop solutions without writing a piece of code, the Divi Page Builder comes with different content modules to build pages of your desire. In fact, all of these modules are a crucial part of the Divi Page Builder. There’s many separate modules for various elements of the page. Then you can simply drag and drop it in to the content field where you want it.

In addition, all of these modules is entirely customizable. It comes with all of the choices you will need, make it appear and work in the way you desire. Sky is the limit when you use the Divi page builder. You could utilize these content modules with various settings to manage various content on the website.

These 46 Divi modules contain all the most commonly used features of the website, such as sliders, buttons, call for action, images/videos,  and much more.

E-Commerce Functionality

Modifying WooCommerce is challenging, especially whenever you’re working on a WordPress theme that’s difficult to combine with the e-commerce platform. Most of the time, the online shop tends to look unprofessional and shoddy.

This isn’t the issue with Divi. Divi seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, enabling you to bring the power of the Divi Page Builder to your store, products and other webpages. Beside that, you can make great landing pages for your products from WooCommerce, helping you to significantly improve your conversions.

Using WooCommerce widgets and shortcodes to your webpage using Divi is the fourth-grade stuff. It’s too convenient to expect you to run it without any problem.

Another Divi Features

We’ve mentioned the most important features of Divi above, but there’s so much more! Any of these extra features are as follows:

Inline Text Editing: You can easily add or modify the text like you can in a Word Document when creating your webpage with Divi. You don’t have to open the module options each time you want to modify the text.

Responsive Editing: By default, every Divi content layout templates and modules are responsive. You can also configure any module depending on the size of your device — laptop, mobile, or tablet — screen.

Advanced Code Editing: Divi has in-built code editor in which you can write a code for a specific page. Tools such as reporting of error, syntax highlighting, and auto complete were included in code editor.

Magic Color Manager: If any color is used to design an element, Divi remembers it and saves it for quick access. You can also build your own colour scheme and save it to standardized colors across the website.

Divi Presets: If you customize a segment or lines, you can save the customized style as Divi Preset. Then you can add the preset to all of the other elements on your site to make sure the layout is consistent through your entire website.

Multilingual Compatible: Divi is completely multilingual and divi can be translated to more than 30 languages supported by RTL on your wordpress admin area.

Divi WordPress Theme VS Divi Page Builder Plugin

The real difference is that the Divi Page Builder is integrated into the Divi Theme, so when you’re using the Divi Theme, you don’t have to activate the Divi Builder in your wordpress website.

However the Divi Builder is also available as a separate plugin, so if you choose to use some other wordpress theme with the builder, you can just install the Divi Page Builder plugin for any paid or free WordPress theme of your preference.

If you begin a new wordpress site, then Divi Theme would be a better choice and you’ll get the functionality of Divi Builder and Theme without worrying about issues related to compatibility between theme and page builder plugin.

However, if you are already using another WordPress theme, you could add the Divi Builder plugin to visually build or redesign your site.


Divi is without a doubt one of the most popular WordPress themes in the market. It allows you to configure different parts of your theme and use key marketing features, like opt-in form and  split testing .

Most significantly, and most prominently, the Divi Page Builder is a platform which changed the page builder market when the plugin was released. This WordPress plugin provides everyone the opportunity to create beautiful web designs easily. It’s easy to use and has several functionality that make it easier to tweak, not just page and posts, but your whole WordPress theme to your preference.

Divi Page Builder has 30-day money back guarantee to their product, this including membership of elegant themes which give you access to other elegant themes product