Today everything just ‘s much simpler with divi new feature to see how the site appears on several sizes and different mobile device sizes using either landscape and portrait mode. You could manually change the display size, adjust the main tablet and phone preview sizes, even switch among common device settings. With Divi’s responsive editing features, you could change your site to make it look amazing on all platforms devices.

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Change the responsive view settings

Once you reach a responsive preview feature in Divi, you could see some additional options above the contents. You can change the width and height of the present design view using the provided information fields or you could just directly drag the width and length of the preview screen by using dragable anchors. You’ll also note that changing between display modes and adjusting display mode widths is so much quicker than it was before kudos to certain intelligent render improvements.

Display Preview of popular mobile device settings

Now divi also have addition setting to the default tablet and phone display types, you could also choose from different interface modes to have a better idea of how your project looks for each mobile device. The width of the preview will be changed accordingly and the height indication will show so that you could view the contents over the fold upon this specific mobile devices. 

Customize the widths of the default display settings

You could also adjust the default tablet and phone display widths so that every time you open a preview settings, or every moment you switch between responsive edit settings, size of the preview screen will match the width you want,  Just  click the “make default” option, and the customized display size will be shown next time you turn to the view mode.

The New Divi Responsive Preview Feature is now available.

A new and better responsive preview feature is now available, along with all of the following additional features:

Drag To Resize – Adjust the width of the responsive preview settings when you fly using dragable anchors let’s see if your website design breaks down when the display size on different device changes.

Divi Theme Builder New Update Responsive Preview Feature

Customized Default Preview Mode Widths – Set the customized width of your tablet and phone display screen widths. – moment you move to the tablet or phone preview, and each moment you change the responsive configuration, the width of the preview will represent your customized value.

Popular Mobile Device Setting – In addition to regular tablet and phone preview modes, you also can pick different device displays and see how the design looks at each devices.

Indicator Above The Fold – When you use device displays, a different height indicator should occur so that you’re seeing what elements will be above the fold.

Landscape/Portrait Modes – You also can change among landscape and portrait orientation on each screen preview so you could see how the design looks whenever the screen device is treated in various ways.

Speed Improvement – Changing display modes is quicker than it was before kudos to some speed enhancement

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