Before we get too far into the comparison of Divi theme vs Divi builder, let’s have a look at their fundamental differences. Both the theme and the plugin offer the same features,but we’ve noticed that many customers are wondering about one little detail: is there anything in the Divi Builder plugin that isn’t in the theme? They ask because they think it’s cool to have access to all the tools they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Because it lacks the majority of the core plugin’s functionality while being used to create and configure pages on your website, The Divi Builder is not a full substitute for the Theme. Elegant Themes’ main product, the Theme version, has been available since its inception, so you know you can rely on it.

While the Divi Builder is a fantastic plugin in other ways, it lacks complete WooCommerce compatibility, which is why if you’re hosting a WordPress e-commerce site, we strongly recommend utilising the Theme version instead.

The Divi Builder Plugin is a Module that is included with the Theme. You don’t need to install both versions of this plugin because they work the same way. When you utilise the theme, you will have access to all of the capabilities that this plugin calls for, along with much more.

Which One Should I Use ?

divi theme vs divi builder

The Divi Theme

Divi is a popular theme because to its modern style and user-friendly functionality. Every year, new update choices are offered, giving consumers with wonderful opportunities to upgrade their websites. Most of these elements go overlooked, and Divi has created a terrific alternative where customers may have custom-made features to boost their design and the productivity.

It’s completely customizable.

Every component of the Theme can be customized to your liking. You have complete control over your website’s font kinds and sizes, spacing, color schemes, and several other features.

it is very easy to add a custom CSS style sheet means you don’t have to manually update every element of your webpage that you wish to influence. For those that want to put their hands dirty and aren’t very skilled at editing code,

Modifications are simple to update.

Divi delivers precisely everything you want, if you really want it, and with incredible speeds. All changes to your design are updated in real time, ensuring all is updated as you work. Furthermore, when it comes to creating your website, the interface enables you being as imaginative as you want.

divi layout offers a multitude of layout possibilities

You can begin your design by dragging a background this into Designer and changing the color and scale of it, Around 20 preset designs are also included in the Editor.

Extremely fast

We’ve used a lot of WordPress themes, and Divi is by far the fastest. Without no webpage refreshes and minimal loading time, it’s a lightning-fast experience for visitors on slower internet connection or on mobile users.

Library’s Advantages

To prevent losing your photos, layouts, , and projects, easily save everything to the library. You can get a selection of paid and free items to download. Layouts can be exported, imported, shared, and downloaded from divi website.

A Variety of Content Elements

The Theme comes with a variety of content elements that can be utilized to spice up your posts. They ‘ve made sure there aren’t any restrictions on that you can use them.

There are global element present.

One of the best new features is the ability to synchronize all global characteristics from a single location. Changes made in one place will be reflected throughout the system.

Outstanding response

You can use mobile devices to test layouts and make modifications to your set points.

Page Builder Plugin

It is not necessary to have any prior coding experience.

User do not have to understand any coding experience to go start with website construction, the most tempting advantages of the Divi Builder. It’s not as tough as many people think; anyone can use our builder to create a WordPress-based website in a few of days.

Drag and Drop feature is available.

With Divi’s amazing drag-and-drop builder, you can easily design a new web page. It’s as easy as that to add things by simply dragging and dropping them to another desired position.

Compability and Flexibility

We’ve dealt with a lot of builders over the years, and the Divi Builder is among the best. It can accomplish astonishing things by seamlessly integrating into another WordPress theme, and it offers an unrivaled degree of versatility thanks to its revolutionary layout approach, which allows for extensive modification without losing design or efficiency.

The advantages of using a modular page builder

Divi plugin is a content-rich webpage builder that allows users to build content-rich sites with ease. You won’t be wasting time fiddling with your design, layout, or efficiency. Its because the plugin designed to be user friendly while also being simple and efficient.

Less Concern on shortcodes problem

Divi works especially effectively in another wordpress themes which rely extensively on shortcodes because they are less of a worry.

Severeal accessibility features

The Divi plugin for WordPress gives you access to a number of useful features that will help you construct your website. The possibilities for webpage slugs and extracts, are found on this screen. When scrolling, you can also enable dot navigation and hide navigation.

Divi Theme Or Plugin ?

Hopefully after reading the Divi builder plugin vs Theme article, you get a better understanding of the differences between the Divi builder plugin and theme. Now the question is which is better: the Divi Builder Plugin or theme, but isn’t it usually best to choose it yourself by trying it all first?

We’ve already discussed the benefits of using the theme, but we believe the builder plugin’s capabilities, notably the Live Customizer, falls short in terms to Divi.

If you already have the theme installed, you won’t have to add the Divi plugin since the theme includes all of the Divi builder plugin’s features. Use the Divi builder if you prefer to purchase a theme builder that contains features such as the Live Custom builder.

While the theme could build a completely functional WordPress website from the scratch, you may wish to use the Divi Builder plugin to use additional features to your WordPress theme, like dynamic slider options and other widget parts.

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