Elegant Themes has released so many different themes over the years for web designers to use in creating their websites, blogs and other projects. One in particular that just been released by them is Divi theme. This theme is so easy and simple to be used even by beginners or website creators that have many experiences or even no experience at all in building websites.

It would even work wonders for people that are creating websites with no knowledge or experience with website coding which is why this theme could be perfect for beginners. If you are creating a website but you are in doubt of what you want to do or how you want to customize your pages, this might be your solution in creating the best website you have ever wanted.

Divi theme comes with beautiful and unique premade layouts that you could customize to fit your needs in creating your pages for your website. They also could be saved, imported and exported if you want to use them for different pages in your website without having to start from scratch if you like any particular layouts or even layouts that you have already customized yourself.

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The theme itself comes with stunning effects that could be integrated into your website to create fantastic look that is different from any other theme around that is suitable to be used for any different application.

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This particular theme has been said to be really flexible with its designs, layouts and modules in ways that you could completely customize them to make them your own and for you to project all of your imaginations and things that you have ever wanted in creating your unique website. All the colors, elements and visual effects that could be done by Divi theme would most likely impress you in how simple they could be used especially if you are a beginner and experimenting with your early days of creating websites.

divi beninner example

You could also choose from different payment plants that could suit you best even if you think you only want to pay once for the whole Elegant Themes that comes with additional plugins and other resources, you could choose to purchase a lifetime membership that would include all the themes it has including Divi theme for $249. With the “tag” of a lifetime fee, you would never have to pay annually anymore for this membership as it is a one-time payment plan.

If you think that is a bit steep, you could always opt for cheaper option of purchase, but other payment plans you will have to renew them annually if you still want to continue the membership with Elegant Themes for access to the themes that it has.

Most of Divi theme functions also come with shop functionality which could be great if you are creating a site for online shops. This particular theme does not include any eCommerce tools, but instead it provides a simpler interface that is similar to WooCommerce because this additional plugin is usually used as an excellent tool for people that want shopping facilities.

The shop layout that you could customize easily would make and allow potential buyers to quickly access the items that are on sale for them to buy. There are also different banners, gallery on products for sale and gallery for top products and more that is provided by this theme for you to use.

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