When you have selected and installed a plugin, you may want to configure your discounts and guidelines to decide whether they apply. For such examples, we’ll will use free Acowebs WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin, which was amazing through testing.

Phase 1: Set up your Discount Settings

If the plugin is downloaded and activated, go to your WordPress admin area and move to the Pricing Rules in the sidebar. You’ll find the list of any dynamic prices you’ve already set up. To create a new one, click Add a new rule throughout the top right corner:

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Adding a new dynamic pricing rule for WooCommerce

First, assign a name to your discount and set the toggle to Active. Pick the type of discount you want in the Discount Type drop-down:

You can see various choices for each form of discount. You can add extra rules by pressing on the blue ‘+’ button.

Step 2: Incorporate Dynamic Pricing Rules

When you’ve configured your discount, it’s time to apply the rules that you’d like to implement. Click on the Rules and Restrictions section at the top of the screen.

Adding guidelines and limitations on dynamic pricing for WooCommerce.

You can configure any additional rules you need for your discount on this computer. For example, if you just want the discount to apply when the total cart is over $50, you might set up the following:

Throughout this case, if the buyer’s shopping cart is less than $50, the discount would not apply. Once you’ve done, click the Publish button and save the new dynamic price. You may also include a discount schedule under Schedule section.


If you’re trying to increase your e-commerce revenue, dynamic pricing is a perfect way to do that. By supplying your customers with conditional purchase rates, you can promote larger orders, create brand loyalty, or even bring new clients.

Configuring dynamic pricing is as easy as following the two main steps:

Configure your discount settings, like type and number.

Attach the dynamic pricing rules that you’re using to enable the discount.

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