What Is Event Calendar Website ?

A website type dedicated to managing and displaying events is an event calendar website. It often has facilities for users to build and organize their own events, along with a calendar that displays forthcoming events.

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These websites can use for many different things, such marketing events, selling tickets, or planning community social event. Event organizers, companies, and organizations frequently utilize them to advertise their events and interact with their audiences.

Websites with event calendars frequently have the following features:

  • a calendar with future events that users may sort by date, location or category.
  • the ability to organize events, including the addition of event details, images, and data on ticket sales.
  • User login and registration enable users to remember events, add new events, and get alerts about upcoming events.
  • Users are able to share events to their social networking sites thanks to social media integration.
  • The website must be mobile-responsive in order to appear properly on mobile platforms.
  • Processing of payments enables people to register for events or buy tickets online.

Using Divi To Create Event Calendar Website

An event calendar website can be made with Divi. Users may quickly and simply create and customize websites using the Divi WordPress theme. You may build a website for an event calendar using Divi by using pre-built templates, adding modules, and creating custom layouts.

A number of Divi’s features are helpful for building an event calendar website, such as:

  • Customized Layout : Divi enables users to design unique website layouts, including a page for their event calendar. To construct a special and useful calendar, you can pick from a range of row layouts, section layouts,  and column patterns.
  • Pre-built modules: Divi has a number of modules, such as the Blurb, Call to Action, and Picture modules, which you can use to display events. These modules can customized to meet the needs of your website’s functionality and look.
  • Custom post kinds: Users of Divi can construct their own post types, for as an event post type. This enables you to make a special section for the events with custom fields for information about the event’s date, time, place, and tickets.
  • Mobile responsiveness: Divi is create with mobile-responsive feature, so it will appear properly on PCs, tablets, and smartphones as well as other mobile devices.
  • Pre-built templates are available in Divi and may be used as the foundation for the event calendar webpage. By modifying these templates to your needs, you can save time and effort.

All things considered, Divi is a great instrument that we can use to build an event calendar site with a unique look and functionality.

List Of Divi Pre-Design Layout Pack For Event Calendar Website

These are a few of the readymade Divi design layout sets for websites with event calendars:

  • Conference: This layout pack create specifically for conferences, and it features a number of pages for listing speaker biographies, event schedules, and registration forms. The conference schedule page has links to the information pages for each session as well as calendar and list views of the conference schedule. Each conference speaker has a bio, a photo, and connections to their social media pages on the speaker page. A registration form with options for several ticket types is exist on the registration page.
  • Event .  Several pages for showing events, including an event calendar, an event details page, and an event registration page, All of thie already include in the Event layout bundle. The event calendar page lists forthcoming events with links to every event’s details page in a calendar view. The event’s date, location, time,  and ticket information are all included on the event details page. A registration form with options for several ticket types may be found on the registration page.
  • Music Festival: This layout pack includes pages for showing the festival lineup, timetable, and ticket information. It is specifically made for music festivals. User can see list of each musical act’s bio and picture on the festival lineup website, along with links to their online music and social media accounts. There is an events schedule and links to each event’s information page on the festival schedule page. We can find a registration form and details on ticket types and prices on the ticket information website.
  • Yoga Studio: This layout pack contains pages for showing class schedules, teacher biographies, and event details. It is intended for yoga studios. Yoga class schedules are include on the class schedule page, along with links to individual class details pages. Each yoga instructor’s bio, a photo, and connections to their social media pages already include on the teacher page. The future yoga workshops and retreats on the list the events page along with links to every event’s details page.

A number of pre-made modules and pages that include in each of these premade layout packs. We can customize it to meet our needs. It is simple to develop a unified and expert-looking event calendar website because the pages have an uniform aesthetic.


To sum up, Divi is a strong and adaptable WordPress theme which makes it possible to build an event calendar website with unique features and look. Divi makes it simple to build a website that looks professional, with features like adjustable layouts, pre-built modules, unique post kinds, mobile responsiveness, and pre-built templates. Moreover, Divi has premade design layout packs for websites that feature event calendars, including Conference, Event, Music Festival, Workshop, and Yoga Studio. These packs come with pre-made pages and modules that can be customize to meet your needs. 

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