The membership of the Elegant Themes will always be of great deal. In the early stages, however, almost all their WordPress theme designs were very simple, and they have been criticized for developing their business strategy on quantity instead of quality.

Elegant Themes launched Divi at the end of 2013. In doing so, they have forever changed their business strategy. All-in-one website builders have been in use for years, but Divi has taken them towards the next stage, with a better interface, more options and improved usability. It soon became the template which other WordPress agencies were trying to adopt.

There is also at core of the Divi theme the visual page builder — a feature that was later published as a separate WordPress plugin named Divi Builder. It remains to be used as among the best drag-and-drop visual page builders offered to WordPress website owners.

The next product of Elegant Themes to be developed around the Divi Builder is Extra magazine theme. This trendy magazine style is perfect for websites, online store, online magazines and more. It contains some awesome blog templates, an integrated rating system and custom widgets.

This theme is named Extra. It has some pretty cool and special features. Let’s take a closer look at Extra theme and also some of the stuff you could do to make it stand out.

Extra Includes All Divi Theme Modules

If you’ve been used to build your websites with Divi, then you’ll be happy to know that all features you’ve grown used to are included in Extra. You can also use the visual drag-and-drop builder for all the design modules you’ve shown in Divi. You can build almost any layout and configure it to your taste.

You’ll also have all the choices that go on each module, like font options, color options, formatting, and the ability to utilize custom CSS to every module. The Divi Builder contains over 40 customized modules which can be incorporated into your personalized page layouts. These modules get the capability to replace several commercial plugins that you might otherwise had to rely on to deliver the same results.

With the Divi Builder built within Extra, you have a way to make custom post design and templates without ever entering a piece of code.

Design and layout of the Extra Theme

The great place to begin with the Extra WordPress theme is its design and style because this theme has been developed for organizations and bloggers who post a lot of articles. The primary objective of Extra is to let the articles take center stage.

The key aspect that Extra truly excels is how it helps you to publish stories that have the potential to communicate more easily with your audience. This is accomplished by the choices available for posting long-form content on the website in a variety of formats.

Rather than using the standard WordPress editor to make a regular text and image article, this publication approach merges a range of elements, effects, and layouts to make a good combination for story-telling and content enhancement.

Although Extra is very powerful visually, it has more features than its looks. Its style and design are supported by a variety of features and customization which does not only let you post your articles in style, but also let you add your personality in your website. There are also a range of extra features on offer which will let your visitors navigate your site quickly, making it easier for them to explore more of your site.

Other Extra Amazing Functionality

Extra is definitely filled with many great features. Including the key highlights listed above. The longer you explore this theme, the more features and tools you can find.

Simple Custom Sidebar

Explanations of this include the simplicity of which you can select which sidebars to view beside the specific posts on your website.

When selecting which sidebars are shown next to your posts on the screen of your post editor, no need to turn to the widgets area of the WordPress dashboard to customize which sidebar is shown where. This greatly accelerates the process. It also makes it much easier for newbie WordPress users to take advantage of the power of dynamic and custom sidebars.

Add Professional Review on Your Page

If you’re going to post ratings on your magazine or blog website, the review builder feature would be of considerable significance to you. At the end of the screen of your post editor, you can find the Input of contents rating box.

With this selection of fields, you could insert a title for your rating, a description of the review, and then specific rating types, each with its own value as a percentage.

Users can insert as many category reviews as you like. When you post the article, your readers will see a pretty overview of your analysis at the end of the article page, along with the specific breakdowns and their ratings.

Ads Placement

This is why a lot of other WordPress magazine themes experience failure. It’s hard to get audiences to interact with advertising, since they realize where to anticipate them. Almost all of the themes would only allow you to put it in the post sidebar, or you’ve got to insert them in the middle of the article post, only to earn several bucks.

Interestingly, Extra lets you put ads on a page anywhere you want. This helps for a much better appearance, and they’re more likely to be perceived and clicked if the visitors don’t expect it. It’s easier to avoid the ad in your head if you realize where to find it.

Slider of Featured Blogs

If you’d like to mix it up a little or would like to highlight several of your best article content, you could make a featured post slider. You can also choose to have a featured post when you make a post. If this is the case, it will show where you choose to view the featured articles. You may be able to restrict the number of articles.

The best thing about all this is that you’re not restricted to just featured articles. If you would just want to see the most recent article posts in a certain group, you could do that too. Other choices include the ability to restrict title characters, and you’ll have an auto play slider.


Whether you are making a blog or developing a magazine or content-rich news style site, then Extra is strongly recommended. The design and presentation of this theme is of very excellent quality. Nevertheless, the features that allow you to create your own custom templates quickly and easily are absolutely outstanding. Be able to use the built-in Divi Builder tool to make your own designs for your pages and posts will be quite useful, particularly when creating long-form article content.

Out of all that Extra has to offer, though, the Category Builder tool has amazed me the most. Today, with Extra, if you post various types of content in various categories, you can view the feeds of articles for each category and use a custom layout that is ideally suited to the type of information displayed.

As the Divi from Elegant Themes was being updated and enhanced periodically since it was released, the same thing has begun to happen with Extra. Considering that you can get the Divi theme and Extra also a range of valuable plugins just for $89, this theme offers an outstanding value for money. With these two WordPress themes, no matter what kind of website you’re making, they’re supposed to give you all you need.

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