The promotion of Divi Black Friday is starting in November 27th. Like last year, elegantthemes all is stepping out to bring this biggest awesome deal of all time which ensures huge deals, free gifts, special perks, amazing bonus packages and much more. There’ll be a lot to be excited for both existing and new Divi clients, as well as existing Lifetime clients. You certainly don’t want to ignore this deal!


The Divi Black Friday is going to come and this also means we’re getting ready for the craziest special offer of all period! In addition to elegantthemes huge discount ever, free gifts and the exclusive benefits, Divi are still hard at work developing customized Divi Theme Builder packages!

These exclusive packages would only be offered to Black Friday buyers and all existing Lifetime clients. Clients will feature fully-designed webpages, layouts package and more. When the deal expires, all those packages will no longer be available, so people certainly like to take full advantage of the Black Friday sale.


To compliment our Divi  Builder packages, elegantthemse will also design a complete range of customized headers and footers which you can use to bring the Divi site a completely distinctive look! By using Divi Builder, all those headers and footers will replace the regular Divi Theme layout and offer you complete power. If you’re an existing Lifetime member, you’ll get all these headers and footers for free. Anyone who purchase or upgrades their membership during the Black Friday deal will also have access, so ensure  you don’t skip the big day.


While Divi Page Builder packages with custom footers and headers maybe not enough for you, elegant themes also create beautiful landing page design layouts. These are among the most innovative layouts that their design team has ever made, and you’ll certainly would like to access them once Black Friday officially launches!

Unique LAYOUT Sets!

Yeah, you’ve read that right! On November 27th, elegant will be giving out about $800,000 of free gifts. Anyone that wants to take advantage of the sale will not only have the largest discount ever, but it will also get rewarded with a special prize.

To ensure you get all the prize you wish, check this page and bookmark it, and return back on November 27th as fast as the clock starts at 12:00 AM UTC-6! When the sale is done, it’s not going to come back till next year. That’s a long time away.