Divi is apopular  web page builder from ElegantThemes that made to run inside of WordPress. The whole point is that you can drag and drop your way to great design simply by installing the Divi Page Builder.

Divi does not include a ton of additional narketing or content management features, in contrast to many other site builders. Since WordPress can manage all of this anyway, Divi concentrates on making WordPress web design simple. This review will focus on whether the app achieves that objective or not.

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Reason To Use Divi Builder

There are a number of reasons why someone could decide to build their website with Divi:

  • Usability: Even those with little experience in website design will find Divi’s user-friendly drag-and-drop interface makes adding and customizing items on your page simple.
  • Numerous pre-designed layouts with website modules: Divi has a huge selection modues and pre-designed layouts  that you can use as a foundation for your webpage, which could save you time and effort when designing it. Instead of needing to manually code everything,
  • Divi lets you construct your website graphically. As a result, you can make modifications in real time and see precisely how your website will seem as you construct it. Divi’s extensive customization features let you fine-tune your website’s appearance to better reflect your brand and sense of style.
  • Divi has a responsive design, which means that it will automatically alter so that it will display properly on various gadgets including tablets, computers, and smartphones.

Simple Step To Use Divi Builder

These steps will show you how to use Divi, a famous page builder plugin, to construct your WordPress website:

  • Install and activativate the Divi plugin or theme on your WordPress website is the first step.
  • To start a new page or change an existing one, go to Pages > Add New next. Launching the Divi Builder, which has the Visual Builder and the Backend Builder as its two primary portions, requires clicking on the “Use The Divi Builder” button. While the Backend Builder gives a more conventional interface, the Visual Builder delivers a WYSIWYG design experience.
  • Press the “+” icon and pick an element from the list of readily available ones to add to your page. The element can then be customized using the options on the right after being dropped onto the page.
  • Set columns and rows on your website using the “Section” element, and then place elements inside of them.
  • Press “Save & Exit” to save any modifications and leave the Divi Builder after you are happy with your design.


Fortunately, if you have the right tools and know how to use them, you can take this matter into your hands today. Divi is the ideal WordPress theme to launch an aesthetically beautiful website only with a few easy clicks if you don’t have any knowledge or experience with blog design. Along with offering limitless design options, a large community, and support,

Overall, Divi is an excellent option for people searching for a robust and user-friendly website builder WordPress plugin.

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