If you’re concerned about your site’s speed performance , it all begins with selecting a reputable hosting company. In truth, you could do everything properly in terms of website speed optimization and yet have a slow website due to your host. And the best hosting companies will take pretty good care of the speed improvements for you, so you don’t have to. So, if your Divi website is running slowly, your first action should be to upgrade your hosting.

Choosing the Best Hosting for Your Divi Website

There have been plenty of of excellent hosting options available, and Divi always will perform admirably in them. However, because hosting is so important for optimizing performance and reliability, you need spend the time to locate the perfect hosting provider for your Divi website.

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There are several excellent and less-than-excellent hosting businesses available. And most of them provide a variety of hosting options and services. As a result, finding the proper one can be difficult. Here’s some info on the most popular forms of hosting to think about when choosing the correct hosting for your Divi website.

Hosting (Shared) in the Old Way (Not Recommended)

It is the most economical, this is perhaps the most common type of hosting service  for WordPress users. However, it is, regrettably, the worst solution for speed optimization. Traditional shared hosting involves sharing all of a server’s resources with other users. Because you’re sharing, this type of hosting is inexpensive. However, you have no control about how much visitors those other sites generate upon your shared webserver. As a result, you’re more likely to experience periods of extremely poor loading times or even occasions when your website is completely unavailable. As a result, you should know how many traffic your shared hosting could take.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated hosting gives you, your individual dedicated server that is solely for your use. There was no need to share anything with anybody else. This guarantees that your website’s loading speeds will be more reliable and stable. Large organizations are frequently offered this as a top-tier option at a high premium rate.

Hosting on a Virtual Private Server 

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is a type of shared hosting that falls somewhere in between dedicated and shared hosting. Your server area is “private,” which means it is isolated from the rest of the world . As a result, your site’s files are really not accessible to several other users on the server. Versus shared hosting, a VPS provides you with a dedicated power and system resources to ensure that your website constantly has everything it wants to deliver consistently quick load times. As a result, you didn’t have to think about the other websites’ traffic spikes slowing down your website.

This form of hosting, however, is generally for DIY types who are tech-savvy enough just to manage situations themselves, unless you already have a managed VPS. 

Hosting in the Cloud

Rather than a single physical server, cloud hosting gives you network access of servers (throughout the cloud). This enables you to access all of the resources you require from any of this server network whenever you need them. In short, you get a virtual server partition that is supported by the full network’s power and resources. As a result, unlike shared hosting, you didn’t have to worry over traffic surges. Cloud hosting is very adaptable and adjustable to your requirements.

VPS hosting does have a dedicated (or limited) number of resources which may or may not be depleted, which is one of the primary differences among Cloud Hosting & VPS hosting. Cloud hosting, from the other side, can keep your available resources without depleting them since it can always draw on the resources of other cloud servers. Cloud hosting, in principle, provides more stable and reliable fast speed. So, when speed is important to you, cloud hosting is a terrific choice.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting is a type of shared hosting that is overseen by WordPress professionals. Managed WordPress hosting is normally more expensive than regular shared hosting, however if you’d like a quicker Divi site, this may be worth it. It’s not as “private” as a VPS and isn’t as powerful like dedicated hosting. Having WordPress pros execute the task, however, helps to enhance the performance of your shared environment. They are successful at this because they adapt their services and servers specifically for WordPress sites. Many of them also have innovative and useful built-in features like as website caching, one-click staging environments, automatic backups,  one-click CDN setup,  SSL certificates, and much more. They’re ideal for all of us who wouldn’t want to depend on (or maintain) a slew of plugins to get basic performance, security, and administration done.

Use Hosting that is optimized for Divi

It makes sense to find a hosting service that is optimised not just for WordPress but especially for Divi if you really want your Divi website to load quickly. Divi Optimized Hosting is a terrific new alternative for you if you’re seeking for terrific WordPress hosting that works seamlessly with Divi.  You can look at  our preferred WordPress webhosting service like Pressable, Flywheel, and WPEngine to provide Divi customers with realy fast hosting for your Divi websites, backed by leading WordPress professionals, and supported by a modern hosting technology that fits the whole of Divi’s specifications.

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