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Divi Contact Module Pro Review

Written by Firman


Add additional capabilities to the Divi Contact Form Module, such as an upload field or perhaps a date picker. Include ‘Thank You’ messages to our forms, or use a star-rating box to get feedback. There is no need to design new forms because our plugin extends the functionality of the current Contact Module.

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Features of the plugin

This plugin will enhance the Divi Contact Module by adding five additional features.

  • Email confirmation with a personalized ‘Thank You’ message.
  • field for uploading files
  • Field for selecting a date
  • field for a star rating
  • Dropdown fields can be use to search.

Send a personalized confirmation email

Send a confirmation email to your visitors to thank them for completing your form. To create your email seem ideal, use dynamic elements and HTML. Please note that the designs weren’t include.

Upload a file field

It was previously impossible for visitors to submit attachments towards the Divi Contact Module. Configure the file kinds and sizes that are accept, as well as any labels, to meet the demands of your website. In addition, files can be open in a convenient back-end list.

Please note that the files will be store on the server and it will not be include to the email. In the email, there’ll be a hyperlink to the submitted file location.

Date Picker

You will need to have a date picker when you are hosting events or creating a reservation form. You can quickly include a date picker field on your form using Divi Contact Module PRO.

Field for Star Ratings

Add a rating system field to the Divi Forms to seek feedback. Select a style and the number of stars we would like to display. Set up feedback forms to get to understand your clients and customers.

Search with a drop-down menu

A dropdown list with a lot of options is considered poor UX. Add a search feature to your dropdown fields to make things easier for your customers.

Premium assistance

They provide premium assistance seven days a week at DiviJet. If you have any issues or questions, please submit a ticket and we will respond as soon as possible!

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