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Divi Features: A Paradigm Shift in Web Design

Divi Theme Features

Written by orrie firdaus


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Definition of Divi and its impact on WordPress

Divi, developed by Elegant Themes, represents a revolutionary shift in WordPress. While WordPress laid the foundation for democratized web publishing, The WordPress theme took it further by providing an enhanced design framework. This advanced, user-friendly platform has bridged the gap between coding experts and beginners. By offering a visual platform that’s intuitive and feature-rich, The page builder has broadened the horizons for countless users, enabling them to produce high-quality, professional websites without deep coding knowledge.

The transition from the standard WordPress post editor to the Divi visual editor

The traditional WordPress post editor served its purpose by offering a simple way to add content. However, Divi’s visual editor has transformed the web design landscape. No longer confined to a basic, linear text interface, users can now interact with a dynamic, visual canvas. This change enhances the design process and makes it more intuitive, making website design feel less like a task and more like an art.

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Core Features of Divi

Divi License

Drag & Drop Building: The flexibility of modifying elements on the website

The Page Builder Drag & Drop feature is a testament to modern web design convenience. It eliminates the cumbersome process of coding for element placement. Users can now select any element – an image, text, or video – and place it precisely where they envision it on their webpage, making the design process fluid and flexible.

True Visual Editing: Real-time design modifications

You’re in complete control with The True Visual Editing. This feature eradicates guesswork. Every tweak, change, or adjustment made is immediately visible. It’s akin to molding clay in real-time, where you can continually shape and reshape until you achieve your desired look and feel.

Custom CSS Control: Combining visual design with custom CSS

For web design purists who love the granular control offered by CSS, Divi doesn’t disappoint. While the platform offers a robust visual interface, it still respects the need for custom CSS. This ensures that designers can fine-tune elements to their exact specifications, achieving a perfect balance between visual design and code-based precision.

Responsive Editing: Crafting mobile-optimized designs

With significant web traffic from mobile devices, a mobile-responsive design isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. The responsive editing tools ensure that websites look and function flawlessly across devices of all sizes. From desktop monitors to smartphones, your design remains consistent and user-friendly.

Design Options: Exploring the vast array of design elements

The design options in the page builder are nothing short of extensive. Whether you’re looking to choose from a myriad of fonts, delve into color theory with a diverse palette, or select unique design elements that resonate with your brand, Divi offers it all. This vast array ensures that each website is functional and uniquely tailored.

Inline Text Editing: On-the-go text modifications

With Inline Text Editing, content adjustments become a breeze. Instead of navigating through multiple menus or panels, click on the text you want to modify and make your edits within the layout. This streamlined process enhances productivity and ensures a smoother design experience.

Design Management: Saving and utilizing custom designs

Reinventing the wheel is time-consuming. Recognizing this, design management allows users to save their prized design elements or entire layouts. These can be reused in different website sections or imported to other projects. This feature ensures consistency and saves invaluable time.

Global Elements & Styles: Managing website’s design comprehensively

Divi promotes design cohesion through its Global Elements and styles. Instead of manually applying a style to each element, set a global style and watch as it permeates the website. This not only ensures design uniformity but also simplifies the editing process.

Undo, Redo & Revisions: Seamless editing with history tracking

Nobody gets everything right the first time. The comprehensive editing history tools – Undo, Redo, and Revisions – ensure you always have a safety net. Whether you’ve made a minor text tweak or a major design overhaul, you can easily navigate through your edits, making the design process forgiving and flexible.

Who Can Use Divi?


Freelancers: A Trusty Companion in Web Creation

In the competitive realm of freelancing, every minute counts. Freelance web designers often grapple with tight deadlines, diverse client requirements, and the ever-present challenge of standing out in a sea of competitors. Here, The WordPress theme emerges as more than just a tool – it’s a dependable partner. The platform has been meticulously designed to strip away the complexities of web design, transforming it into an intuitive process. Whether crafting a minimalist portfolio or a complex e-commerce site, Divi’s arsenal of features ensures that freelancers can deliver top-tier, bespoke websites that perfectly encapsulate their clients’ visions.

Agencies: Scaling Web Design with Precision

With their vast clientele and varied projects, design agencies need a robust and adaptable platform. The page builder fits this bill flawlessly. With its powerful features, agencies can effortlessly design websites that range from the elegantly simple to the intricately complex. The beauty of Divi lies in its ability to maintain design consistency even across large-scale projects. Divi ensures that every website, regardless of its scope, adheres to the high standards set by the agency, driving client satisfaction and fostering business growth.

Website Owners: Bridging the Technical Divide

The digital age has democratized website ownership. Today, individuals from diverse backgrounds, whether entrepreneurs, bloggers, or hobbyists, seek to carve their niche online. However, not all possess the technical prowess traditionally required for web design. This is where this product truly shines. Its intuitive interface ensures that even those without coding knowledge can create websites that rival professionally designed ones. From selecting color palettes to integrating multimedia elements, every step is simplified, ensuring that all users, regardless of their tech-savvy, can bring their digital visions to fruition.

Design Excellence with Comprehensive Modules

Elevate Design with Divi’s Modules

At its core, Divi is a design maestro. Its vast repository of modules is a testament to its commitment to design excellence. Whether you aim to engage users with interactive sliders, establish credibility with testimonial sections, or foster communication via contact forms, The page builder has you covered. What sets these modules apart is their dual focus on functionality and aesthetics. They aren’t merely add-ons but integral design elements that enhance user experience and visual appeal.

The Magic of Pre-Made Designs

divi premade layout

A World of Design Choices

In the vast world of web design, originality is paramount. The extensive library of over 2000 pre-made layouts ensures that every website can have a distinct identity. Design Catering to diverse industries, from e-commerce hubs to personal blogs; these layouts provide a stellar starting point, dramatically reducing design time while ensuring quality.

Tailored Designs for Every Niche

Beyond the sheer number of layouts, Divi’s true strength lies in its attention to detail. Delve into its layout library, and you’ll discover designs tailored for specific industries and niches. Be it a serene layout for a spa, a dynamic one for a digital agency, or a user-friendly interface for an online store, each design is crafted keeping its target audience in mind. This meticulous approach ensures that websites aren’t just visually pleasing and resonate with their intended users.

Redefining WordPress Design

Beyond Themes: Divi’s Holistic Design Framework

The world of WordPress is replete with themes, but Divi transcends this category. It isn’t just a theme; it’s a comprehensive design ecosystem. Every aspect of web design, from initial conceptualization to final optimization, can be achieved within the builder framework. This holistic approach ensures users aren’t just crafting websites and creating optimized, high-performance digital platforms.

A Business-Centric Approach to Design

Regardless of its beauty, a website is only possible if it drives business objectives. Divi’s integrations with popular marketing tools testify to its business-centric approach. Whether optimizing for conversions, integrating email marketing campaigns, or leveraging analytics, It provides all the tools necessary to ensure that a website isn’t just a digital entity but a thriving business platform.

Achieve More in Less Time

In the dynamic world of web design, speed and efficiency are invaluable. Divi’s focus on streamlining the design process ensures users can craft stellar websites quickly. With intuitive tools, many pre-made layouts, and a vast range of modules, the design journey becomes both rapid and rewarding.

Advanced Features

Exploring hover state styling, responsive editing, text styling, shape dividers, and more

Divi’s reputation as a leading WordPress design tool is mainly due to its advanced features. With hover state styling, you can create dynamic changes to elements when a user hovers over them, enhancing user interaction. Responsive editing ensures your website looks impeccable on devices of all sizes. For the wordsmiths and typophiles, advanced text styling offers extensive customization options to get the perfect typography. Additionally, shape dividers add an artistic touch, allowing you to segment sections of your site with aesthetic and unique divisions. These features, combined, provide a comprehensive toolkit to craft sophisticated and captivating websites.

Deep dive into advanced code editing and filter effects

While Divi is celebrated for its user-friendly visual editor, it doesn’t shun code enthusiasts. The platform offers an integrated advanced code editor, facilitating custom CSS, JavaScript, and more. The feature ensures that designers can make granular adjustments as needed. Furthermore, with filter effects, users can apply modern design techniques like grayscale, sepia, or saturation adjustments, adding another layer of depth and dynamism to the visual appeal of websites.

Marketing with Divi

Email Opt-in Provider Support

In the realm of digital marketing, building an email list is paramount. Recognizing this, It provide robust support for various email opt-in providers. Whether using Mailchimp, AWeber, or any other popular service, Divi ensures seamless integration, enabling you to capture leads efficiently and grow your email list organically.

Creating compelling pricing tables

A clear and compelling pricing table can differentiate between a sale and a lost potential customer. With Divi, crafting these tables becomes a breeze. Designers can showcase different tiers of product or service offerings, highlight key features, and even direct users to checkout pages or contact forms, ensuring clarity and boosting conversions.

Building contact forms

Being accessible to your audience is a cornerstone of online success. Divi’s intuitive tools allow the creation of custom contact forms tailored to gather your required information. Whether it’s a simple ‘contact us’ form or a more intricate service inquiry layout, It ensure looks great and functions flawlessly.

Integrations for social following and split-testing

Social media has undeniably reshaped the digital landscape. Divi aids in this arena by providing easy social-follow integrations, ensuring your audience remains connected across platforms. Additionally, for those keen on optimization, The split-testing tools, or A/B testing, allow you to test different versions of pages to ascertain which performs better in terms of user engagement and conversion.

E-commerce capabilities with WooCommerce

In the booming world of online shopping, having a platform that supports e-commerce is invaluable. Divi integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, one of the leading e-commerce solutions. The capability allows users to set up online stores, showcase products, and manage transactions effortlessly, all while maintaining a cohesive design aesthetic.

Maximizing Efficiency in Web Design with Divi

Divi’s user interface and customization

At the heart of Divi’s acclaim lies its exceptionally intuitive user interface. Designed with beginners and experts in mind, It offers a workspace that feels natural and user-friendly. But it’s not just about simplicity; it’s about customization. Every element, every module, and every design option is tailored to give users maximum control, enabling them to bring their unique vision to life without compromise.

Rapid Page Creation Tools

Time is a luxury, and Divi ensures you don’t waste a second of it. Its quick page creation tools are designed to expedite the website-building process. Users can add new pages, sections, or elements with just a few clicks. Furthermore, The WordPress page builder offers multiple view modes. Divi accommodates whether you want a grid view to manage the layout or a wireframe view to focus on structure, making the process efficient and adaptable.

Optimizing Workflow with Divi’s Features

One of Divi’s standout features is its ‘Quick Actions.’ This tool acts as a command center, allowing users to access a host of commands instantly. Whether you’re looking to open a page, edit a module, or even check your revision history, Quick Actions gets you there swiftly. Complementing this is the ‘Layers View,’ providing a hierarchical view of your page elements. It’s like having a bird’s eye view of your entire project, ensuring you can navigate and make changes precisely.

Streamlining uploads with drag & drop

Uploading content, images, videos, or any other media is a breeze with Divi. Gone are the cumbersome traditional upload processes. With Divi’s drag & drop functionality, you select your file, drag it to your desired location, and release it. The system takes care of the rest, uploading and positioning your content exactly where you want it.

Utilizing keyboard shortcuts for faster designing

It offers many keyboard shortcuts for power users and efficiency enthusiasts. These shortcuts accelerate everyday tasks, from saving changes to undoing actions. As you become familiar with them, your design process will evolve significantly faster, allowing you to achieve more in less time.

Harnessing the Power of Theme Building with Divi

Bespoke Customization Capabilities

Customizing headers, footers, and templates: Diving into Theme builder unveils unprecedented customization capabilities. Every website needs a distinctive header and footer – they frame your content and guide the user journey. With Divi, you’re not limited to generic designs. Whether you aim for a minimalist header, a footer rich with widgets, or custom templates that set your pages apart, Divi’s theme builder ensures your vision materializes with precision and style.

Interactive Front-end Website Design

Front-end website design: One of Divi’s crowning achievements is its front-end design capabilities. Rather than toggling between a backend editor and a live preview, Divi allows designers to work directly on the front end. This real-time design process is transformative. Every change, every tweak, and every design decision is instantly visible, making the design process both intuitive and interactive.

Achieving Design Cohesiveness

Utilizing global website styles for a cohesive design: A consistent design language is pivotal for brand recognition and user experience. With Divi’s global website styles, achieving this consistency becomes effortless. Define your global elements, fonts, color schemes, or button styles, and watch as they uniformly apply across your site. This ensures a cohesive look and streamlines the design process, as there’s no need to repeatedly set styles for each new element.


Recap of Divi’s capabilities: Divi is not merely a WordPress theme; it’s a comprehensive design toolkit. Its capabilities range from intricate customizations of headers, footers, and templates to real-time front-end website design, all while ensuring a consistent and cohesive aesthetic through global styles.

Encouraging readers to harness the potential of Divi for their web design needs: In today’s digital age, having a website that stands out is invaluable. With Divi’s vast capabilities at your fingertips, crafting such a website becomes feasible and enjoyable. For those looking to push the boundaries of web design to craft sites that resonate and engage, Divi is your ally. Embrace its potential, and watch as your web visions come to life.

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