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How Much does Divi Page Builder Cost?

Written by Firman


Divi Theme and Visual page builder are one of the best products chosen by many professional website developers. The main reason for its popularity is its page builder. It comes with hundreds of pre-made website layout packs and over more than 2000 pre-made design.

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More than just a WordPress theme, Divi is. A visual drag-and-drop Plugin for wordpress called Divi Builder is compatible with almost all WordPress themes. For more information, read my review of Divi, but in this article, I’ll focus on the key distinctions between the various Divi pricing tiers.

You have the option of paying a yearly fee or a one-time fee that entitles you to lifetime access to free updates and support. Only the price varies between the two plans. All of the Divi products are available to you, including the Extra magazine theme, Divi Builder Plugin, the Bloom email opt-in plugin, the Monarch social media plugin, and the Divi theme.

Divi Theme Price

If you’re wondering how much the Divi theme costs, I’ll describe in this short article. The Divi theme costs as follows: Yearly Access is  cost $89 per year and the $249 cost for Liifetime Access.

You may use the Divi theme, Extra Theme, Divi Builder Plugin,  Bloom, and Monarch for that price. A license also provides direct assistance from Elegant Themes whenever you need it and use on an unlimited website number.

If your subscription expires, you can still use all of the products on your websites, but you won’t get any further updates or support.

Unlike other wordpress themes and page builders, you can use divi without being limited by the number of specific websites. This means you can use it for unlimited websites that you create.

You can not only use divi for your website but also for your client’s website. With divi you no longer have to buy a developer license as we usually find in other premium wordpress themes, just one license and you can use it without limits. You can even create separate API licenses for various websites so that your clients don’t misuse them, and you won’t find this in other similar products.

Since you have two options: When you’re on a tight budget or are unsure whether you will continue to use the Divi theme the following year, I recommend the $89 annual plan. When you think you’ll be using Divi frequently, I suggest the $249 lifetime package, which would be a one-time fee that contains lifetime Divi updates and support.

Divi Discount Price

In any case, after signing up, you could still cancel your subscription or upgrade to a different plan at any time. Elegant Themes also provide a 30-day price guarantee from all sales, and you’ll get a complete refund if you’re not completely satisfy.

In comparison to other best-selling themes that offer unbelievable new products, Divi provides a more affordable theme option.

If you believe you will need Divi for even more than three years, it is more cost effective to invest $249 for lifetime access. Divi has no additional charges. Once you buy one of the two Divi plans, there are no restrictions and you have full access to everything. You can also get 10% discount for a limited time by using this link.

divi discount

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