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If you’re wondering how much the Divi theme costs, I’ll describe in this short article. The Divi theme costs as follows: Yearly Access is  cost $89 per year and the $249 cost for Lifetime Access.

Since you have two options: When you’re on a tight budget or are unsure whether you will continue to use the Divi theme the following year, I recommend the $89 annual plan Alternatively, if you think you’ll be using Divi frequently, I suggest the $249 lifetime package, which would be a one-time fee that contains lifetime Divi updates and support.

Lifetime subscription for $249: This is a one-time cost that allows you use the Divi as well as other Elegant Themes products on most of your websites for the rest of your life.

In any case, after signing up, you could still cancel your subscription or upgrade to a different plan at any time. Elegant Themes also provides a 30-day price guarantee from all sales, and you’ll get a complete refund if you’re not completely satisfied.

In comparison to other best-selling themes that offer unbelievable new products, Divi provides a more affordable theme option.

If you believe you will need Divi for even more than three years, it is more cost effective to invest $249 for lifetime access.

If that makes it sound like a significant financial outlay, you could still have a 30-day money-back guarantee.