Is divi theme seo friendly? Before we answer that question we must aware that 80% of all web traffic start with a search engine? It is remarkable, isn’t it? This is why, working on SEO is a key to success for every site owner.

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Optimizing your webpage properly helps improving your website ranking on search engine, which in turn causes more visitors and conversions. That’s also why we’ve already gotten a lot of SEO posts on this site, included this one.   

It is not difficult to do basic optimization at WP website. Download one of several incredible SEO plugins, type out the meta box search snippet for each piece of content and you’re most of the way around. To bring the Divi site to the first level, however, may require further advanced SEO techniques than this.

Is the Divi Theme SEO Friendly ?

There are so many users pose this question, but a popular website builder with thousands or even millions of users across the world and a strong price tag will necessarily be bad for SEO, right?

Sure, it is not perfect like in every other website in this world.  This article is all about the various customizations and optimizations I have already  made to make the Divi Theme SEO Friendly in order to optimize it for search engine.

Divi Shortcode Optimization for SEO

Most of SEO troubles come from shortcode in plugins and themes. The Divi website builder plugin, that comes packaged with the Divi theme, depends on shortcode generation that can fill up the meta description that WordPress produces automatically once you publish your post or page.

Therefore, if your theme creates shortcodes, you will have to use an SEO plugin to gain control of the meta data of each page.  Some common SEO plugins are  Yoast SEO and All-In-One SEO Pack. Those plugins can give you meta boxes within the post and page editor which you can use to define your own meta description and page titles, instead of using the defaults created by Wp.

Improve Speed of Your Page

The second most prevalent cause of SEO issues in WordPress theme is the page speed. Google likes fast-paced websites, but most one-size-fits-all  WordPress themes aren’t quick because they get really crowded with a few hundred font libraries, carousels,  tons of animated Javascript files, etc. The longer it takes for the site to load, the higher will be the bounce rate visitor of your website, and this is a factor that affects SEO.

Divi is a WordPress page builder with a number of design choices which can add bloat to your site, but Divi is highly efficient overall. A complex webpage with flashy design structures would be heavier than a basic and minimalistic one. More significantly, Divi builder has indeed been constantly updated, which is not nearly as heavy.  The latest updated standard for Divi webpages have an average size of 2-3 MB which would be reasonable.

Additionally, page size can also be reduced down by optimising images and lowering plug-in numbers. In most situations, graphics are the biggest factors of the size of the page. There are some tips for speeding up your Divi site.

– Optimize Image on Your page 

Optimizing images is the best way to get your page loading faster.  Images are often the biggest objects to be loaded on your page, while the others are scripts and text compiled into rendered HTML by either web server or any web browser.

– Divi Theme Setting Options to Enable Static File

Inside Divi theme, there is advance builder dashboard and you’ll get an option named Static CSS File Generation. Ensure that it is activated. You also can clear the static CSS file on this place too 

– Caching Plugin 

Choose one of the several popular plugins available for WordPress Caching and Optimisation. You can choose one of this popular plugin like  W3 total cache, WP Rocket, LiteSpeed Cache. 

– Don’t Use Many Animation and Scroll Effects

Only as they have the choices for adding animations or scrolling effects to all of Divi, that doesn’t suggest you have to. You can make it fly and flash around, like in PowerPoint, but you’ll be giving your viewer a headache.

Several other SEO tactics to make divi theme seo friendly website

– Make Your Website More Responsive

Getting a mobile-friendly or responsive page once it comes to SEO, is one of the few data. In short, the sites must be nice on the smartphone. Google uses first-ever web crawlers which means that it treats the site as a smartphone device, not a laptop or personal computer.

– Add ALT Tag Image to your post

This is a simple fast solution. Rather than the media gallery, did you add any pictures to your page using Divi Builder? If so, you might have unintentionally missed the text attribute of the ALT tag.

If you have currently reviewed your page and found a lot of lost alt text, it’s because if you add image files to the Divi builder, it is very easy to ignore this step.

Check your picture modules, go to the Advanced section of the module options to fill in your  ALT text tag on your  post image

– Create Content That Target User’s Query Intent

Google is the best industry on  Search Engine. They connect users to what they are looking for. They are excellent. The times are gone where you can easily add keywords to your blog posts and websites (think keyword density) and see incoming traffic later from search engine

Google now uses a very sophisticated algorithm to determine if a site is worth ranking. The essence of this content is designed to meet the user’s query, and one which actually resolves that query by fulfilling their purpose. This is include Content that answer user’s question.

– Create internal link to build a great architecture of the website

The Architecture of Site is how the pages of your site are structured. Just as in everything, a structured object is better than a hazardously created one.

If done correctly, the website design will lead to better indexation, higher rankings and a higher presence of visitors overall.

Internal links are good on a micro-level include links from your website inside of your posts and pages. The external links are a perfect way of telling Google what your site contains, and help your viewers connect to material that is important to what they are actually reading.

Better internal links allow visitors to remain on your site longer, gives a higher duration and eventually increase your place in the SERPs.

– Old Blog Update Post

As we are talking of using existing posts rather than making fresh content now, it is also one of advanced SEO strategies to update the current posts and pages on your website. Search engine loves up-to-date content. This is one of their requirements and why they have decided to publish dates in their search engine results


In the end, I can say that Divi is not a Search Engine Optimization tool that automatically optimizes your website on search engines. But you have to make a few tweaks to maximize the potential that is already available in the Divi theme, so that it makes your website more Divi Theme SEO friendly. It should be remembered that SEO is not a day and night work but it is ongoing. There are many factors that make your website more liked by search engines and it comes back to you to maximize the features of Divi and some Search Optimization plugins, so that it can be maximized in the eyes of Google.

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