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The Best Divi Photography Child Theme in 2022

Written by Firman


Divi is an awesome WordPress builder to create a website for photography. Display your skills on photography with a image gallery, show an example of your portfolio work, give pricing details, book customers thru a contact form, and much more. You don’t even have to develop your photography site from scratch, of course. There have been lots of divi child’s photo themes provided to help you begin. Throughout this blog post, we’re going to start looking at child’s divi themes which are excellent for photographers.

Here are the Divi photography  child themes for you.

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1. Kindred 

Kindred has been developed with videographers, photographers  and artists in brain. It arrives with 16 page design layouts with 2 website homepages, 3 header design styles, 3 image gallery styles, a price brochure web page, various blog pages section, and much more. Pages also provide FAQs, Services, Pricing,Testimonials  a number of email design layouts, and more.

The home pages give examples of your photography work in a full screen slide. The blog has a sidebar styled. Expand your social media follower with an integrated Instagram social media  feed. It has soft color schemes, a elegant design, and hand-drawn graphic elements that are perfect for wedding photographers, and it’s also excellent for several other types of photographers.

2. Photelo

Photelo is a multi-use divi child theme develope for any kinds of photography business. It also has 8 main pages with pages for your a photo gallery and services.  The homepage does have full-screen slider to display your work examples, a few CTAs to view your photography services, a tagline over a picture with a styling border, testimonials, a styling gallery that displays categories, and much more. The blog pages have a styled sidebar. Also it would include Bloom styling. The colors and styling  make it ideal for portrait, wedding photography, and family family photography.

3. Parker

Parker has been developed for creative artists, photographers, event planners, videographers and coaches. It arrives with 3 header styles, 13 pages,  3 gallery styles, 4 blog pages,  a brochure price page, and much more. Pages are About, Info, Prices,  Portfolio, Testimony, Contact page and Blog.   The home page showed a photo with information overlapping background, CTAs, portfolio links, a blog, a quotation, and much more. The soft colors are perfect for wedding  and family photographs.

4. Halle

Halle was developed for female creative and photographers  to sell their services, photos and another products. It includes with 14 pages along with a a home page,  landing page, pricing, 3 galleries, Instagram, a multi-layered blog, a store page,  etc. The landing page is a CTA subscription form. I really like gallery page that displays photos in an alterative layout. It has various options of navigation and a preloader that displays an animation when the website is trying to load. Feminine designs and colors are excellent for wedding photographers.

5. Photography Portfolio

Photo Portfolio has been intended to create a photographers portfolio . It comes with four main pages as well as contains category pages that display galleries on every of topics. The Booking Now page contains an integrated calendar and a photo shoot booking form. The home page displays CTA bookings in the hero part. The layout provides pictures to link to the photos to buy. The sidebar contains links to every of the categories. It is a great option to show off your picture galleries.

6. Divi’s Photography

Divi Photography has been developed for photographers who would like to reveal their services, create events, sell photos, and create courses online. It’s got a dark  and a light version. Every version has lots of pages, including all the LifterLMS course pages and WooCommerce store pages.

Also it includes various portfolio pages to display your project, various blog pages, various event pages, services, bookings, and more. The Expansion Pack of Divi Icon plugin includes 50 personalized photo icons. It’s a particularly great option for anyone who wants offer courses or to sell products  on their webpage.

7. Birdie Jones

Birdie Jones has been develop to wedding photographers in brain. It also has six main pages and contains three different design layouts of the gallery. The homepage shows your pictures in the hero part slider. Also it contains a section with a link to the information in a collection of photos. The portfolio page section shows the pictures as links to the categories of photography. The Information page includes details regarding your packs as CTAs in an alternative layout. Also it contains a custom footer with built-in feed of Instagram to expand your social follower. It’s fantastic for every wedding business.

8. Fiona

Fiona was intended to create a portfolio or a photography magazine  to display your photos.  pageIt includes with 7 pages including an information page to show your service price and FAQs, a portfolio with various gallery design layouts, a blog with two design layouts, a contact, and more. The pages shall provide vertical navigation.  

The website homepage showed a gallery area with a slider and an overlapping picture , a picture with overlapping text , and a blog part that displays the most recent post overlapping the background picture in the parallax. Also it contains the Bloom popup styled email form and the Monarch social networking sharing buttons. Soft colors are great for female bloggers and wedding photographers  .

9. CT – Photography

CT-Photography has been develop for anyone who tries to sell their photos on the internet. It comes with six website main pages and also includes the Easy Digital Downloads integration .  The homepage contains a slider of background images and a contact button, pictures as links to hover animation categories, a shop with pictures for purchase, a blog, a photos gallery, and much more. The blog contains six different design layouts. The store page contains a custom CTA footer and your products . The project page shows the photos in the gallery. It’s a good option for photographers to start sell photos.

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