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How To Create Membership Website Using Divi Theme

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Written by Firman


Membership websites are becoming increasingly popular as a way to monetize content and services on the internet. They allow website owners to offer exclusive content, services, or products to their subscribers, who pay a fee to access them. This creates a sense of exclusivity and value for the subscribers, while also providing a steady stream of income for the website owner.

Membership websites come in various forms and serve different purposes, depending on the niche or industry they cater to. For example, a membership website for a fitness instructor might offer exclusive workout plans, nutrition advice, and access to live coaching sessions. A membership website for an online course creator might offer exclusive course content, access to a private community of learners, and personalized feedback from the instructor.

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One of the benefits of membership websites is that they allow website owners to build a community of like-minded individuals who share common interests or goals. Members of the website can interact with each other, share experiences and knowledge, and provide support and encouragement. This creates a sense of belonging and can help to foster long-term relationships between members and the website owner.

 Using Divi To Create Membership Website

 To create a membership website that reflects your business and values, you can use Divi, a premium WordPress theme with a visual page builder. Divi’s user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and customization features enable you to build a unique and appealing website.

To establish a membership website using Divi, you will need to use a membership plugin that works with Divi, such as Restrict Content Pro, MemberPress, or Paid Memberships Pro. These plugins offer various membership tiers, content access restrictions based on membership level, and multiple payment options for your members.

With Divi’s page builder, you can create exclusive pages for members, such as a login page, a member dashboard to manage their accounts, and content pages. For your membership pages, Divi offers a range of customization options, including the ability to modify the login page, add registration or membership upgrade buttons, and design unique layouts for your content.

In addition to its robust page builder, Divi provides various tools to help you design a professional membership website. For example, you can use Divi’s built-in lead generating features and email opt-in forms to collect leads and expand your email list. To optimize conversions and track website performance, Divi’s built-in split testing and analytics capabilities can be used. 

 Divi Premade Design To Create Membership Website 

 You can use Divi’s extensive selection of pre-designed layout templates as a jumping-off point for developing your membership website. These are a few illustrations of the pre-designed layout templates that Divi offers:

 Fitness Club Layout Pack . Many pre-designed templates are include in the “Fitness Club” layout bundle. This layout can help you to build a membership website for a gym or fitness center. The templates for the home website, class schedule page, trainer profile page, pricing page, and other pages are all included.

  • Yoga Studio Layout Pack . The “Yoga Studio” layout bundle, which can be use to build a membership site for a yoga studio. The templates for the home page, teacher profile page, class schedule page, pricing page, and other pages are all included.
  • Digital Product Layout Pack. The “Digital Products” layout collection, you can use this layout pack to build a membership website for offering digital products. It includes designs for the homepage, single product pages, pricing pages, checkout pages, and other pages.
  • Course Layout Pack . This layout Pack can be used to build a membership website for offering online courses. The templates for the home page,course page,  course listing page, pricing page, and other pages are all included.

 You may save time and work by using these pre-designed template layouts to create your membership website. They can also customized to match your unique requirements and branding. You may utilize these templates right now by importing them into your Divi library and starting to edit them with your own text and photos.


 Overall, Divi provides a strong and adaptable foundation for building a membership website. This may assist you to connect with your audience, developing brand, and bringing in a consistent flow of income. Divi is a fantastic alternative to create a profitable membership website because to its extensive customizable features. Divi also known because of compatibility with popular membership plugins.



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