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Divi and Yoast SEO Plugin – How to Optimize Your Divi Website on Search Engine

yoast seo plugin

Written by Firman


An important plugin that can be included in a website develop is one which supports SEO. One of top SEO wordpress plugins is Yoast SEO which is available for free download, easy to configure and simple to use.

Why you must use a WordPress SEO plugin?

Trying to install an SEO plugin on your WordPress website or your WordPress customers should be a mandatory procedure. A SEO plugin like Yoast SEO can make sure that such pages and posts of the WordPress site are indexed properly, allowing site content to be accessed by both site visitors or search engines.

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In static websites in which each page will be separately constructed using HTML, the <head> part of every page could be easily accessed and the entry of metadata on the page will be a breeze. With such CMS system like WordPress, reaching the <head> part of each website is not a clear-cut procedure, because as system is handled dynamically with PHP and the related database.

SEO wordpress plugins have made it extremely simple for WordPress users to enter metadata as well as other SEO aspects on the page. By simply installing and activating a plugin and implementing its configuration directions, developers can confirm that their sites are correctly indexed by search engines and also that their website is identified by the right targets audiences.

SEO plugins function almost in the same way and provide a lot of same functionalities. Included, but just not restricted to:


SEO plugins support by inserting metadata (meta descriptions, meta titles and target keywords) to every page or post to the WordPress site. Metadata makes sure how search engines may recognize what each post or page is about and, in turn, show the post or page exactly in the search result. SEO plugins will produce a snapshot preview that will tell you precisely how the post or page appears in the search engine results. Some even provide this preview for mobile platforms as well as social network samples.

Canonical URL

URL structure is extremely essential whenever it comes to SEO. When you’re not careful about your post and pages related URLs, you will either find duplicate material or broken links. SEO plugins can advise you on creating canonical URLs to help escape Google penalties.

XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap essentially tells the search engine everything your website contains of, for example the number of pages, blogs, projects, number of photos, and so on. SEO plugins make it extremely easy to apply a Search Engine.

Automatic optimization for SEO

To begin with, the well-liked plugin instantly upgrades WordPress’ default SEO functionality. Yoast SEO can optimize the meta tags and also another link element which search engines read before displaying results to visitors, all without your knowledge. If your website is not properly optimized, it also will tell you to enable permalinks.

You can also manage pages using Yoast SEO and choose whether or not to keep certain of them secret from the general public. This option might occasionally be a good one.

With Yoast SEO, create better content.

On the post edit screen, the Yoast SEO plugin provides a Yoast SEO metabox. You may add a meta description and title to your blog post using this metabox. You may also pick a focus keyword to your post using this tool.

once you’ve selected a focus term. The Yoast SEO plugin evaluates the post’s content in relation to the focus keyword and rates it for SEO. Additionally, it suggests actions you may take to raise your SEO ranking.

You will begin performing those actions without considering your SEO score after utilizing that for a few months. Having it there, though, enables you to SEO-check your material before pressing the publish button.

It contains readability score analysis that displays the content’s readability score. Then, you can change your material to make it simpler for your users to read. 


Instead of relying on what Facebook, Twitter, etc. choose to display whenever the post is published on social media, Yoast’s free edition gives you the ability to specify the image, title, and description that you’d like to show. On the second tab, under the Yoast meta box, you can change this.

Meta box for Yoast SEO. tab for social media.
Yoast premium improves on this by enabling you to view a preview of your post on social media.

Keep Content Scrapers from Accessing Your RSS Feed

The existence of scraper websites is one of the main issues that many websites have.

These websites that scrape content assert to curate it via RSS feeds. They have systems set up that automatically download and post articles from other websites utilizing their RSS feeds.

This may be risky for your website because search engines might start giving certain sites priority online.

By including a link with your own post with each RSS feed, Yoast SEO addresses this issue. This provides search engines with information about the location of the original item and effectively outranks scrapers.

yoas seo content analysis
Yoast Seo Content Analysis

Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin Repositor

Although SEO plugins operate very much the same, Yoast SEO provides an useful ‘traffic light system.’

Yoast SEO Plugin Traffic Light

When writing content, the plugin can evaluate the content of users and give recommendations to make things better. Using an amber, red or green light code, the person can simply recognize which areas or elements of the text can be enhanced. Here, Yoast SEO helps users develop their article editing and writing skills to make your articles perform higher in search results.

The Yoast SEO traffic light is a handy concept, especially for new Website owners or webmasters who’ve been new to article publishing, but sometimes it can be a bit confusing and distracting. Bear in mind that the purpose of the game is to write quality content that your audiences will enjoy, not to please search engines at any value, particularly if it costs you, your craft and interest in it. The traffic light system is just a reference.

Yoast SEO Free and Premium License

A free version of the WordPress repository is available for free download, and A premium edition is available to buy from of the Yoast SEO site.

The premium edition contains a range of extra features, such as the following:

  • The ability to insert several keywords to focus
  • A nifty Analytics Tool that will let you what the subject of your post is on keywords.
  • Automatic recommendations on internal connections
  • A redirected manager that supports removed pages and modified URLs
  • With yoast you can preview how social media will show your post.

The free plan has been more than suitable for most users, particularly those starting with content marketing and blogging  .

Yoast premium license will suittable for company that produces large volumes of articles in a variety of categorie. User must test it first on their website before choosing the paid version.

Yoast SEO and DIVI

Divi is the best WordPress builder that already optimized so your website will be suitable with the search engine standard. But it alone is not enough. You also need a SEO plugin to maximize your website, especially the content on your post or page based on the search engine wants.

Yoast SEO plugin is the answer for you who want to maximize the website content to the next level in search engine view. We recommend this plugin to match with Divi Theme or Divi Page Builder. By combining Divi and YOAST SEO Plugin, you will be easier to get the good rank and higher in search engine result.

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