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Divi Search and Filter Visual Builder Options

Written by Firman


Whenever it relates to efficiency performance and intuition, Divi wants to go far beyond, because it’s what a great product tool of design is all about. Divi is going to introduce again another design efficiency enhancement in the shape of Filtered Search Option, which allows you to even further quickly find relevant and active  options so where you can make easy modifications without going to waste your valuable time.

The Instant Search Filters

All configuration modals now have an unique filters button. Filters reduce the accessibility of the numerous options available that occur in each modal. All such new filters include Responsive Styles, Modified Styles, and Active Content.

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Modified Styles is possibly its most beneficial of all these new filters. When selected, only active design configurations which you have modified will show up, letting users to speedily locate their preferred configurations and make the necessary adjustments as the design evolves. If you really need to make a fast change to your specific design, you no longer have to sift thru multiple options to pick the ones you’re currently using.

The Modified Styles filter may carry you immediately to your active styles, in which you can operate from there. If you’re experienced with browser technologies such as the Chrome Inspector, the above feature is similar to watching “computed styles,” or the designs which are currently causing the looks of a specific element.

The Active Content filter, such as Modified Styles, would also start taking you immediately to all the content you’ve placed to your module. If you’d like to modify the text title of your Full width Header, displaying Active Styles can take you immediately to the content elements which are presently in use, removing the distortion of many not used element of content.

Merge Filters and Search Queries

Filters can be integrated to search queries to narrow down your results to find configurations even quicker. When you filter by Modified Styles and was greeted with such a long number of available options, you could even search thru those solutions to narrow the outcomes.

To display customized styles, right-click and select Show Modified Styles.

Divi believes that the Modified Styles filter has become so helpful that Divi has given a shortcut to the builder’s Right Click menu so that it could be easily viewed at every time. Simply right on just about any element as well as select “View Modified Styles” to quickly access and modify active design configurations. It will take users immediately to the active settings.

Rapidly “Go To Option”

Users also can quickly navigate from results search pages to design configurations relevant to every option in the results. imply right-click with any setting and select “Go To Option” to launch the configuration inside its parent group option group and show all appropriate options available. If you’ve the Modified Styles filter selected but would like to see more styles related to a specific active style, simply right-click and select “Go To Option.”

Layout Design Packs Can Be Edited With Ease

Such new filters are incredibly beneficial once editing layout packages which you have lately downloaded since you might not be experienced by how the layouts have been developed or which design as well as content options have been used to achieve the customized results.

If you’d like to modify a color but aren’t sure where to look for the relevant design option, viewing the module’s customized styles will start taking you immediately to a number of available active colors as well as give a clear image as to how the module has been built.

The Customized Styles filter, once integrated with the Fluid Styles copy and paste functionality, results in maximum design efficiency. Styles can be quickly located, changed, and transferred all across your design in a couple of seconds.

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