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Quick Divi Builder Plugin Review to Help You Making the Right Choice

Written by Firman


There are many key features that Divi 3 has which is perfect for your website. They are including front end page builder, inline text editing, hundreds of templates, responsive editing, and a bunch of innovative features, global elements, and many more! To make sure you choose the right choice. Here is the quick Divi builder plugin review.

The difference between Divi theme and Divi page builder

What do you think when you hear the word Divi? Most people will think that the word Divi means Divi theme or Divi builder. But you should know that the Divi theme and Divi page builder are two different things. When you want to use the theme from Divi along with the builder, it is totally true that you can use them in the Divi builder in your website especially in any WordPress theme.

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The first thing you need to know about the Divi theme is that it is nice. But for most people, this theme is actually pretty basic. If they were to build a website using the builder from Divi, they would think that using a more modern theme to use was much better.

The builder is one of the most advanced and attractive page builders that many people ever used for WordPress. This builder has more choices and also more flexibility that can make people feel very convenient compared to other types of the builder. At first, it may feel a little bit overwhelming and overkill in the practical usage. Many people felt the same thing about their first-time experience using page builder plugin. But, from the builder point of view, it just wants to accommodate their users by providing a lot of choices. That’s probably something you need to prepare if you never use Divi builder before. It will take a serious consideration before you make the choice.

Divi theme in the builder

Divi builder is a based builder of the shortcode. Even though many people know about this already, they still use it. Even though there is a little problem, many people do not even bother with the builder because they think it’s not quite a big deal. Talking about the template, there are a ton of great themes you can choose from more than other builders can provide. The developer is making it continuously because he sells it. On the other hand, many people find the themes are not really useful and practical. Those themes are indeed beautiful and great, but then again, they are more like practical usage versus learning purposes.

Endless Layout Possibilities

In the meantime, you are not able to build your custom footers or headers with Divi. You cannot also build a custom page template and archive pages. Divi said it has still been working on it but the time is not now.

There are some good reasons from this builder plugin review why people are attracted or interested in using or even buying Divi. It has somethings that are really worth the money. Even though it may be not several people’s choice of page builder, it cannot be denied that it is the most attractive and advanced builder.

To explore more about page Builder Plugin and see the demo, you can go to Elegant themes official site here.

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