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Color Manager Feature on Divi Theme

Written by Firman


Colour in some ways can be tricky and confusing. Choosing the right color with the right harmony is necessary. To get them, websites already provide bloggers or developers hundred colors. Picking several colors among a hundred colors sometimes is boring and time-consuming. In contrast, picking colors using Color Manager Feature on Divi theme is a lot easier and more exciting.

So, what is Color Manager Feature anyway?

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Included in Divi, once you have installed it, there are many divi theme features available and one of them is the Color Manager feature. In specific, the feature works to ease you in choosing and picking the right color. The feature includes a palette with arranged colors based on their types. Some other features such as current colors and suggested colors are also designed to be an effective tool in serving your choices of colors. In short, this feature retrieves the most preferred and used colors by the users and suggests some other possible and consistent colors.

Somethings special about Colour Manager Feature on Divi theme

Basically, in standard color scheme feature theme, there is a saved colors feature. Becoming more advanced, Divi Colour Manager feature saves not only the saved ones but also the recent ones. The most recent breakthrough by Divi is the suggested colors feature. As we know choosing colors to build up a harmony is not easy and should extremely careful, with the help suggested it makes developers’ job a hundred times easier. As the feature was launched, many developers and commentators highlight the ‘suggested color’ feature.

The suggested colors feature basically works based on the recent and most frequently used color. The feature analyses than the dominant colors that are matching regarding the group palette. The results are so accurate and practical to do. The palettes provide you some similar colors that can be various but also harmonic to be put together. Gradients, shades, tones are nothing to worry about. Blending or other color processing techniques will enable you to visualize your intended messages.

Divi Colour Manager Feature positive impacts

Before you use this feature, you may bet stressed or confused about choosing colors. Say no more. This feature will support you and even encourage you to make an experiment color without the worried feeling of ending up in bad choices. It is also practical and time-saving. Since you will no longer be confused with splashing colors on your sites. The feature also will remove dull and long processes in choosing every color to the websites one by one. Background, fonts, shapes and other elements which require color can be synchronized harmonically by this feature. With small manual techniques in blending or composing, your site would wonderful.

The color manager feature belongs to Smart color management. This feature is developed from the current version and separated. Those who have the current Divi system are suggested to update the version since this feature is too precious to be missed. Fast, easy, and better results are the right words to describe Color Manager Feature on the Divi theme.

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