What is Divi Developer License ?

An unique kind of license provided by Elegant Themes is the Divi Developer License. Users that plan to use the Divi product for client or business projects should use it. Using the Divi Developer License, you have unrestricted access to Divi as well as all other Elegant Themes plugins and themes, which includes Divi Builder.

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Web agencies, web developers, and businesses that regularly build websites for clients are particularly suitable for this license. You can use Divi on a limitless amount of projects without any limitations by purchasing the Divi Developer License. You also receive unlimited access to all of the plugins and themes that Elegant Themes provides, which greatly increases your skills and design possibilities.

It’s crucial to understand that the Divi Builder plugin and theme can not be purchased individually. The Elegant Themes subscription includes them all, enabling users to use them on an endless number of websites. For individuals who manage many sites, this package deal is extremely valuable. With a single license, you can create however many websites you need.

You may simply build beautiful websites without having to buy extra WordPress themes thanks to the extensive selection of pre-made layouts accessible on the Elegant Themes website. Web developers and designers have a complete option with the Divi Developer License, allowing them to express their creativity and create stunning websites for their customers.

Divi License Package

You can go to the ElegantThemes webpage and choose your preferred plan to purchase the Divi theme and take use of all the company’s advantages.

There are two options: the Lifetime Access license, which costs $249 upfront, or the Yearly Access license, which costs $89 every year. I chose the Lifetime Access license because it gives me unlimited access to all of Elegant Themes products without requiring me to make annual payments, and I am a web designer myself.

After selecting your preferred plan, just click the “Sign Up Today!” button to continue with your purchase. Continue with the procedure by entering your information as prompted in the following step. Credit cards or PayPal are convenient ways to make payments.

Both license types give users complete access to every Elegant Themes products and customer support services, as well as the following advantages:

  1. Access to Divi, Extra, Bloom & Monarch: Enjoy unrestricted usage of Divi and other popular Elegant Themes products.
  2. Hundreds of Pre-made Layout Packs: Gain access to a vast collection of professionally designed layout packs to expedite your website creation process.
  3. Product Updates: Stay up to date with the latest features, bug fixes, and security enhancements as Elegant Themes continually improves their products.
  4. Premium Support: Receive dedicated support from the Elegant Themes team to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter.
  5. Unlimited Website Usage: Utilize the themes and plugins on an unlimited number of websites, allowing you to meet all your design needs.
  6. Risk-Free Guarantee: Elegant Themes offers a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that you can confidently explore their products and make the most of your investment.

When you begin your subscription with Elegant Themes, you gain access to the versatile and powerful Divi theme, enabling you to create stunning websites with ease.

License for clients?

You might be unsure of how many Divi licenses you require for your clients. There’s excellent news: you don’t! With the help of the Divi API key manager, you can manage your clients in a simple way.

It may seem difficult to use, but it’s really fairly simple. You may manage many client websites effectively with the Divi API key manager without needing different licenses for each one. You can save time and money by using this option, which streamlines the procedure and does away with the requirement for additional licenses.

You can conveniently maintain and update Divi installations across numerous client websites from one single area with the help of the Divi API key manager. This makes it easier for you to maintain consistency and guarantees that your clients can easily take advantage of the most recent Divi features and updates.

Therefore, you can be sure that you won’t need to purchase numerous Divi licenses for your clients. The management of client websites is made easier with Divi’s API key manager, making it simpler for you to deliver outstanding websites without needless licensing complications.

How to manage client websites with one Divi license?

  1. Click on the link to find the Divi API key manager and go to your account
  2. Select API key manager
  3. Add a new API key and enter the name of your client
  4. An API key is generated, which you can enter when installing Divi on their website.

When you’re a website agency who is dealing with many clients, the Divi is awesome for you.


Elegant Themes’ Developer License is intended especially for those who want to use the Divi products for client or business projects. Users have full access to Elegant Themes’ vast library of plugins and themes, includes Divi and Divi Builder, with this license, which also gives them the option to use Divi on an infinite number of projects.

The Divi Developer License is designed to meet the requirements of web agencies, web developers, and businesses that frequently build websites for their customers. Designers will get unrestricted access to Elegant Themes’ extensive collection of plugins and themes, ensuring they have everything they need to produce outstanding websites for their customers.

It’s vital to keep in mind that the Divi Developer subscription fee is already incorporated into Elegant Themes’ Lifetime or Annual subscription options. The usage of Divi on the websites of clients does not, therefore, necessitate the purchase of a separate license by users. Unlimited use rights as well as access to all of Elegant Themes’ products are included in the full Developer License package.

Using the strength and adaptability of Divi and Elegant Themes’ large library of themes and plugins, web agencies, web developers, and businesses can reliably provide their clients’ top-notch websites by selecting the Divi Developer License.

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