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Reason Why You Must Buy Divi Theme

Written by Firman


Elegant Themes, one of the world’s leading WordPress theme companies, developed Divi. Its membership includes access to two WordPress themes (Extra  and Divi) and two plugins (Monarch and Bloom) for the cost of a single WordPress  theme. You’ll also get access to a lot of Divi website packages, which will allow you to quickly release any type of website without getting to start from scratch.

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For the past ten years, the developer has offered powerful WordPress assistance for their products, which power a huge number of sites. Despite the fact that Elegant Themes is based in San Francisco, the company employs over 70 people worldwide.

Unlike many other WordPress themes, Divi is design to be customized. You could even insert, edit, or remove things but have little control over the design. It’s ideal for someone that doesn’t have a basis in website designing and has a very particular vision for their website. If we haven’t yet convinced you, here are a few reasons why authors prefer Divi.

Why Should You Purchase Divi?

It is designed for use with WordPress

There are numerous options available when it comes to selecting a website platform. It can also be difficult to decide which one will be the best for you, with options ranging from WordPress and Wix  to the ever-popular Squarespace. I prefer WordPress for about the same reason I loved Nikon cams: I’ve had the most experience with it.

I’ve always used WordPress as I started building my first blog in 2011, and I haven’t had a problem with it (besides its sloppy “export” function, which is another tale). This was a huge deal for me after I initially found Divi it was developed for WordPress — without any need to play a different platform or CMS!

Divi can help you to customize your website

Also I noted how versatile Divi is? I haven’t ever started working with a WordPress theme that gave me so much flexibility. I can change the design down to the pixel, in addition to the basic stuff like fonts and colors. When I was using numerous different themes in the old days, there were times when I enjoyed the majority of the theme but needed to fix a few elements; or, worst case scenario, I discovered a bug but can not create the preferred (or necessary) modifications without trying to contact the developer of the theme. I’ve never really had to settle with Divi.

Divi is a page builder with a visual interface.

Do you want to discuss a game changer? That is exactly what all the Divi Visual Builder is. It’s a big thing. The Visual Page Builder is a WYSIWYG editor . The Divi Builder operates like this: you have such a bunch of squares that reflect modules, and you insert them, type in them, and then preview them seeing what you did. With the Visual Page Builder, you can see the website as you design it, so that when you modify the font, you can see it; when users change color, they can see it; then when they add a picture, they can see it. Everything is done in real time. There are no more previewing after saving  (and don’t worry, your site visitors would not see it till you save and update).

Essentially, Divi’s Visual Builder allows you to change text, start editing, delete or insert padding, remove modules, insert modules, insert drop-shadows, borders, start creating dividers, and move modules (among other things) while trying to view the website and to see the changes on the fly.

It is inexpensive.

Once you “purchase” Divi, you are actually purchasing a membership to Elegant Themes‘ item library rather than the theme on its own. A year’s subscription is $89 , and a lifetime membership is now only $249, giving you full access to all of Elegant Themes’ WordPress plugins and themes, such as Divi. 

Divi Have Regullar Update.

Another of the factors I like best regarding Elegant Themes is how frequently they update their flagship product, Divi. Several companies, I’ve discovered, only do minimum necessary whenever it comes to maintaining and going to support their product. Elegant themes are not like that. Divi is constantly undergoing major transformations. Sometimes it’s to solve a bug (bugs occur), but more often than not, it’s to make improvements or to completely overhaul Divi.

The Divi Community

The Divi Online Community is large… perhaps not as large as the Star Wars Community, but its still significant. There are numerous websites, Youtube videos, and online communities dedicated to Divi. I’m a member of several, and if you’re a customer of Elegant Themes, you should do the same.  There’s many child themes and plugins available, like Divi Booster,Divi Space, and Divi Life . There are Facebook pages dedicated to Divi Theme Tutorial videos & Website Design Raw materials.

It has a lot of support

If there is anything stronger than for the theme on its own, it is the people who are working on Divi. I can’t really think of another product I’ve bought that provides a similar library of toolkits, tutorial videos, and resources just like Divi does. On even a daily basis, Divi staff members share free tips, guidance, and layout download files upon their Elegant Themes website. Not just that, yet this Divi theme community of users was always beneficial to me if I’ve ever had a specific problem or issue.

Last Thought

The Divi theme and Divi Builder are excellent products that you can purchase with complete confidence. There was a reason why more than 700 million people have bought the Divi theme and Divi builder over the last few years. It’s because this is a reliable product with a good reputation.

It has the potential to boost both your performance and the final result of developing a stunning website design. Most crucial, it is simple to use and assist you in getting things done. We totally recommend the Divi theme to anyone who is considering it.

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