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Divi Theme VS Genesis FrameWork Whcich One Is The Best ?

Written by Firman


Looking to decide among Genesis and Divi for your upcoming Website?

There are two premium WordPress themes: Genesis and Divi. They are both incredibly popular. Each is excellent. These themes can be used to create every kind of WordPress website you can think of, including blogs, business websites, online marketplaces, and more!

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Before choosing one of these two themes for your Website, you must be aware of their numerous unique differences.

To help you decide swiftly, let’s examine these two premium WordPress themes in more detail and contrast all the significant differences among them.

Overview of Divi and Genesis

Elegant Themes created the multipurpose wordpress theme Divi, which was released in 2013 and is reviewed here. It is built on a potent drag and drop website builder called Divi Builder that lets you create WordPress websites visually without knowing any coding.

The WYSIWYG experience provided by Divi allows you to design WordPress pages in real-time and view the results as you go.

In contrast, Genesis is a WordPress theme framework created by StudioPress. Therefore, in order to alter the features and aesthetic of your site using Genesis, you must install a child theme.

Even though Genesis has a far more solid core than Divi, using it without any coding knowledge will be difficult.

Choices for Customization


divi unleashed

Genesis simply only a few simple customization possibilities, whereas Divi gives a ton.

The most recent version of the Divi Theme, version 4.0, includes the incredible drag-and-drop Divi Page Builder. Divi was created from the ground up for non-programmers who want a way to manage every element of their Web site without writing a single code line.

Divi uses the website page builder and its robust customization tools for this.

With the Divi drag and drop page builder’s 200+ built-in module, you can design unique layouts from beginning.

Several of the most significant Divi Theme attributes include:

Flexible editing
Styles for text and fonts
Formal dividers
Advanced Animation & Amazing Scroll Effects
magician of colors
Email opt-in support
Contact Form
WooCommerce support
You have total control over your website thanks to all of these features, which is not available with Genesis.

Take a look at this color management, for instance:

How lovely is that?


Instead of being a theme, Genesis is mainly an open-source framework for WordPress, therefore it places a greater emphasis on the structure, performance, SEO, and security of the website in its entirety.

An open-source framework such Genesis has the benefit of allowing you to adhere to all coding and SEO  best practices without sacrificing website design.

Using Genesis’ default child theme, you’ll receive a simple web design but none of the awesome features seen in Divi Theme.

Therefore, Genesis is a terrific place for developers to start and may be a highly solid and durable foundation for a WordPress website.

Only with one click, you can load over 800 templates and 100+ complete website packages into the website with the Templates Divi bundle.

Weekly, free templates are introduced to the Divi library; in addition, there are numerous third-party design packs.

Genesis now only includes a pre-installed, simple child theme.

You must either purchase each of the 35+ StudioPress premium Genesis child themes separately or sign up for the $360 annual Genesis Pro membership to gain access to them all.

You can see that Genesis requires you to pay for every premium child theme, but Divi offers a considerably larger library of premium designs.

Assurance and Support

Since Divi and Genesis are the main products of Elegant Themes and StudioPress, respectively, they both come with limitless premium support and access to their discussion boards.

For people who are brand-new to WordPress, Divi also provides a round-the-clock live chat option.

You will have to wait a bit for a response from Genesis’ customer service staff because they only offer email and forum help along with developer documentation.

But because Genesis does have a bigger user and developer base, there are numerous both official and unofficial communities where you can post queries or hire developers if you need any kind of technical assistance.

Prices of Genesis Framework and Divi Theme

The Divi theme costs just $89 a year to start. This is an incredible deal because it gives you access to all of the Elegant Theme products, including Divi Builder, Divi Theme, Extra Theme, Bloom (email opt-in and generate leads), and Monarch (social sites icons and sharing).

The full premium support, Divi design library pack, and an unlimited websites license are also included in this subscription.

Elegant Themes also provides a lifetime plan for $249, which gives you access to everything for a single fee.

Divi has two strategies:

annual access for $89 a year.
Access for life with a one-time payment of $249.
With Genesis, you can purchase the Genesis Theme + Framework package for a one-time cost of $59.95. There is only one sample theme and accessibility to the Genesis framework included here.

This will cost you an average of $129 per theme if you decide to purchase any of the StudioPress premium themes. The full collection of StudioPress premium WordPress themes is available with an additional Genesis Pro subscription, which costs $360 annually.

As a result, even though the basic Genesis framework is far less expensive than Divi, you will still need to spend money on either premium themes or a paid developer in order to use Genesis to create your WordPress sites.

For just $89 a year or $249 all at once, Divi offers access to both the Divi Theme and the Divi Page Builder, as well as Bloom and Monarch.

Final words on Genesis vs. Divi Theme

Genesis will work well for you if you’re experienced with WordPress and have some basic coding skills (such HTML, CSS, and PHP).

Lots of Website developers rely on Genesis, a highly straightforward and dependable WordPress framework.

But Divi will definitely be a better option for you if you are just getting started with WordPress and have no prior coding knowledge. One of the most well-liked WordPress themes available, Divi has a user base of over 700,000.

Additionally, the theme and Divi page builder together provide for a fantastic framework for creating any type of WordPress website you desire.

divi discount

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