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Reason Why You Must Buy Divi and Elegant Themes Subscription

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Written by Firman


Many people think that Divi is totally worth And I’ll explain why below. I’m not you, although. I want to provide a fair review of Divi. And if you decide to purchase an Elegant Themes membership, Here are my top 10 reasons to use Elegant Themes’ Divi. This evaluation of the Divi WordPress theme focuses about Divi and the several upgrades that have been included.

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1. Divi’s 200+ modules

Divi features 200+ modules as of the time this article is being written. Yes, 200. You can easily add material to your site quickly with the help of the modules. You can use a pricing tables module. The same is true of modules for counters of numbers, individuals (excellent for bios), and even blurbs. What of the others are they? Contact Form, Okay, I won’t name them all, but what about Gallery, Contact Form, Slider, Testimonials, Code? If you’d like, you might view all of them on the website run by Elegant Themes.

divi module

2. Divi’s Visual Builder

Do you want to talk about a game-changer The Divi Visual Builder is exactly that the best gamce changer on elegant themes product. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) is used by the Visual Builder The way the Divi Builder operates is that you add modules by filling out square boxes with text, then you have to preview them to see how your changes will appear. With the Visual Builder, you can view your website as you develop it, so any changes you make to the color, font, or addition of a photo are directly visible. in real time. There is no more a need to save something before previewing it (don’t worry, nobody will see it until you hit save and update).

Essentially, you can alter text, make revisions, add or remove padding, add or delete modules, apply drop-shadows, create dividers, add borders, move modules, and perform a lot more with Divi’s Visual Builder while simultaneously viewing the website and instantly. and see the changes.

divi visual builder

3. Lifetime Subscriptions

I introduce this review by bringing up the subscribe. Which kind of membership should you choose if you decide to buy one: yearly or lifetime? ALERT FOR SPOILERS: Get the lifetime. in my honest opinion, at least You may either take the bullet once and buy a lifetime subscription, or you can buy an annual subscription and keep paying for it over and over again. I decided on a lifetime. My justification was fairly unclear:

I knew I would profit from using the Divi theme, so I choose to pay for it only once, take the pain in the near term, and benefit in the long run. As of the time of this writing, if I had opted for a yearly subscription, the cost would have been significantly higher than if I had opted for a lifetime subscription. Yes, the upfront costs are more. However, it’s useful if you want to use the theme for many years to come. Why? Because lifetime subscriptions includes lifetime access to all product upgrades.

Elegant Themes did not increase my price when they are included the Visual Builder. Elegant Themes didn’t charge me more when they introduced the Bloom and Monarch plug-in I accept all updates and new content as a lifetime subscriber. So the releases of Divi Divi 4 (and then all the updates) are all included in the lifetime subscription They understand by lifetime membership precisely what they say. (Till this writing, a yearly subscription costs only $89, and a lifetime subscription costs just $249.)

4. Multiple API Keys

It feels a little stupid to include this one. You probably believe that I was just adding filler, don’t you? You likely believe I could only come up with 9 justifications for my Divi theme review, and I including this on the moment. Well, if that’s what you believe, you’d be wrong. The multiple API keys are fantastic.

Multiple API Keys aren’t much use to anyone if you just build and own one website and then use Divi on it alone. However, if you create many websites, especially if you offer maintenance plans, and you don’t really want your clients to have unlimited access to Divi updates . For every website you build, you can generate an API key. If somehow the client ever blocks you from the admin area, you can deactivate their API key, which will prevent them from updating Divi. Poof, no more updates Nothing has changed on their site It still exists. They are just unable to update, example, between Divi 3.29 to Divi 4.

5. Bloom’s integration of mailing lists

In addition to receiving Divi when you subscribe to Elegant Themes, you also get access to all of their other plugins and themes. Their plugins include Monarch & Bloom, among others. I enjoy Bloom. In fact, I you can utilize Bloom on your website, namely on this page (you can see Bloom in action inside the sidebar newsletter registration form). MailerLite,   Aweber, and Mailchimp are just a few of the mailing list providers that Bloom, a mailing list plugin, connects with. I mainly work with Mailchimp and Aweber, but I’ve also used it well with Constant Contact. One of the outstanding plugins I talk about on my Divi Plugins page is Bloom. And a Divi WP theme review would not be complete without mentioning one or more Elegant Themes plugins. This introduces me to several other plugins by Elegant Themes.

6. Monarch’s integration of social media

Because I really appreciate what I said in the last sentence, I’ll say it again: If you buy an Elegant Themes subscription, you gain access to all of their plugins and themes in addition to Divi. Monarch is a part of their plugins, along with Bloom and another plugin. The plugin enables you to share websites with various icon placement options (left, bottom, top, fly in, bottom corner). Also, because it was created by Elegant Themes, Divi may be easily integrated with it.

7. Personalized CSS

hate divi’s default appearance Adjust it accordingly. There are multiple areas in Divi where you can insert your own unique CSS. You can include it in your the Divi Builder, Child theme, the Theme Options panel, the Divi module, or even the Theme Customizer panel. Firstly, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of CSS. Moreover, I wrote a few instructions on how to change the links and other things.

8. Divi is regularly updated

One thing I truly value about Elegant Themes is how often they update their flagship product, Divi. Once it comes to updating and maintaining their product, I’ve observed that many businesses simply take the bare minimum steps. Unlike Elegant Themes. Divi is always experiencing significant modifications. It’s sometimes to solve a bug (bugs arise), but more often it’s to update Divi or add new features.

And Divi improves with each each release, which was already a fantastic theme. When version 3.0 was released, the Visual Builder was added.

A custom theme builder was introduced with the release of Divi 4.0, making it simpler to change the entire aesthetic of the website. Additionally, Woo commerce page modifications have been added. And if history is any guide, if you purchase a lifetime or annual subscription, you will receive a product that does not just update but repeatedly reinvents itself to be better. This ongoing innovation is what distinguishes Divi as one of the top WordPress themes available. Also in this article, it’s one of my top justifications for recommending Divi.

9. Divi Support Forums for Elegant Themes

Sometimes, things go natural. Sometimes we are not as smart as we believe to be Something will occasionally just not function. You will be thankful that Elegant Theme offers its users support forums if one of those sporadic incidents ever happens to you. All of their products and topics are covered on the support forums. Additionally, the support crew often assists you with creating custom CSS; they don’t just solve the issues. It’s accurate. Perhaps the support staff will give you the opportunity to add your own customization if Divi Dude (that’s me) doesn’t have a video or guide on it.

10. The Divi Community

Although perhaps not as large as the Sci Fi Community, the Divi Community is indeed enormous. There are many websites, YouTube channels, and social media communities dedicated to Divi, as you will discover. I am a member of many, and if you are using Elegant Themes, you are too ought to join. There are resources for plugins and child themes such Divi Space, Divi Life, and Divi Booster (I’m sensing a theme in the titles).


Elegant Themes staff regularly update Divi. I don’t just mean that they resolve problems when they’re discovered (although they do), I also mean that they’re improving Divi. What are the improvements? On its 4 updates, Divi(at least). That alone shows their concern for what has grown to be their signature item. They never rest on their reputation or advancements; Instead, they work non-stop to improve Divi.

what is Divi used for It enables you to build stunning, useful WordPress websites without having to write much code. And I say “absolutely no need” because there are pieces of advice you can utilize in the custom CSS panel or in the stylesheet for your child theme to help you tailor the website to your preferences. However, if all you needed to do was drag and drop the modules you needed and add your copy and links, or just use the templates that came with the theme, it works just fine. Hence, Divi is excellent for new users.

However, Divi is not only for novice website developers; it is also perfect for experienced ones. Your website’s customizability options with Divi are practically limitless. A custom CSS box is available in the theme’s options panel or theme customizer (as well as on all the modules), or you may build a child theme and edit the CSS from that, as I often do.
It’s an effective theme for both experienced and experienced users.

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