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Free Divi Layout Pack for Bar and Restaurant WordPress Website

Written by Firman


As you know, there are many restaurant websites that concentrate too much on their designs. It is actually not a bad thing as long as you can make the same effort on your content, but these two aspects should be strong for a restaurant website – descriptive and accessible. 

In most cases, people who search for the website of a restaurant are expecting to better know the service. For example, they ask what kind of food you serve, how clean your place, and what your opening times are – all these are aspects your website is supposed to provide.

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For this purpose,  then building a website for your restaurant, cafe, or bar is now easier than you think. Using Divi Theme, a professional and amazing website only needs a single click, and all your restaurant information, menus and stuffs will be shown at its place neatly.

So, are there any layout pack in Divi for restaurant website? Absolutely yes. Here are the layout packs provided by Divi Theme by free that you can choose as a basic theme for your restaurant business.



Restaurant layout pack is designed to provide the average restaurant with out of the box design. In particular, in the footer, you can use tab for every significant “hour of activity” detail. There is also a button on your homepage hero section and the landing page, but you will need to install your own booking plugin to do this.



The Bar Layout Pack includes all the required items for the online marketing of a bar. The style is elegant and contains lovely framing features to differentiate the custom images. This layout is easy to use for courses, book tables and activities to promote. In addition, it contains a dedicated menu and event sections.


Bistro is another restaurant layout pack from Divi Theme. It provides a very beautiful design for homepage and landing page beside the menu and gallery page. 

Sushi Restaurant

This layout pack is created for sushi bar or sushi restaurant with the spesific design in sushi graphic, Japan style ornament, and all stuffs related to sushi menu.

Italian Restaurant

Italian Restaurant layout pack is suitable for those who open an Italian restaurant. The menus like pasta, pizza, or other Italian cuisine will match with this layout.

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