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Divi Shop Builder Review

Written by Firman


The Divi Builder now has stylistic control over the WooCommerce Shop, Cart, Account, and Checkout pages. Using the Divi Shop builder, you can easily personalize all of your eCommerce webpages.

Divi Shop Builder Feature

  • 13 Divi page modules for customizing WooCommerce basic webpages
  • There are over 100 style options to choose from, as well as endless layout options.
  • Shop, Account, Cart, and Checkout webpages include drag-and-drop style.
  • Each webpage element can be reposition in any order.
  • The Listing, Total, and Notifications modules can be used to modify the Cart page.
  • Modules for enhancing the Checkout page include Billing, Order, Coupon, & Shipping.
  • Customize the font and style settings for text  and titles  to make your forms stand out.
  • Animate product pictures and icons when they are hovered over.
  • With specific positioning and style settings, you may list products on every page.
  • Using the Divi builder, you can customize WooCommerce.
  • Using Divi Shop Builder, you can do more.
  • Divi Shop Builder connects all of WooCommerce’s features to Divi. To create an unique ecommerce website without coding, use the basic module settings for positioning, transformation, animation,drop shadows, and borders configurations.

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There are 13 brand-new WooCommerce modules available.

Divi’s WooCommerce functionality is limit by default, and it simply allows you to alter the cart page. For updating the Checkout, Cart, and Account pages, Divi Shop Builder provides 13 modules. Include over 100 options to customize the appearance and feel of your ecommerce website.

Your Sales Funnel Should Be Streamlined

Every piece of your webpage is element of the marketing funnel, from how the goods in your visitor’s basket are display to the amount and copy in use in the notifications. Improve conversions and prevent cart abandonment by taking control of your cart page’s UX.

Design of a Reliable Checkout Page

Your checkout page should inspire trust and confidence. The checkout page modules in Woo Shop Builders allow you to design your webpage to fit in with the rest of your website, giving your customers confidence that their purchase is safe and protected.

Put Your Store Almost Anywhere

Show your stuff everywhere on your website with the drag & drop store module. Specific clients and products should be target. Select the product components you want to display, and the products will appear in real time. Font, colour, overlays, icon, button, reviews, labels, navigation, pricing, and effects can customize.

New Badges For New Product

The Woo Shop+ Module’s automated “New” badges will draw attention to your newest products. Set the duration of the badge’s display base on the date it was publish. Increase sales by making your newest products stick out on the webpage.

View of the Product List

Allow your guests to have a personalized buying experience by allowing them to browse in the way that they like. Allow your customers to choose between a list and a grid view of your product list, allowing them to personalize their customer experience.

Simple Styling + Excerpt Creator

To get people to click on the product, you need the ideal excerpt. In both grid and list view, Divi Shop Builder allows you to generate custom descriptions for any shop pages. All devices include word count constraints as part of the styling settings.

Rethink the way you present your products.

Every element in the Shop module is separated, allowing you to show,hide,  or rearrange your items. Move and style the following elements: feature photos, ratings, titles, sales badges, newest badges, price, the add to cart icon, amount, category, and availability.

Adapt Notification Messaging to Your Needs

Modify the copy and styling, Design the messages that appear when a user’s basket is empty, General alerts are receive, when a transaction is complete. From within Divi, you may customize the backdrop, buttons, and fonts.

Forms with more options

WooCommerce includes all of the forms you’ll have to sale and deliver things online, like shipping and billing forms plus coupon sections and order placement fields. Each field, selection, and button in the Divi Shop Builder may be customize to your like.

Improve Your Flow

Divi Shop Builder components can be use on any page. From shopping to purchasing, everything can be improve. Adjust the design of the cart and checkout pages to make each store, item, carts, and checkout process simpler and more effective at selling things.

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