Divi Social Plus is among Divi Marketplace’s top useful social feed  and social media sharing plugins. The most powerful 5 available social media features were included in the plugin. The plugin allows you to add social sharing buttons, such as icons, that are fully configurable.

Amazingly, your Twitter and Instagram feeds can be added to your site. This social media plugin’s functionality will blend seamlessly with the design of the website, resulting in enhanced synergy and social media sharing.

Why should you use Divi Social Plus?

Implementation is simple and painless.
The language has RTL support.
It has a lot of advanced abilities.
All of the social sharing buttons can be changed.
The Instagram and Twitter streams are in sync.

Social Share

This module makes it easy to add fully configurable social share buttons to any website which will blend in seamlessly with the design, resulting in more social media shares. The buttons will assist users in sharing your website’s social media content and increasing traffic to your website


Place anywhere on a webpage.
Support for the most prominent social media platforms.
All components, including the color of social media icons, can be customized.

Instagram Feed 

Instagram Feed  With the strong Instagram module, you can also grab your viewers’ interest by showing stunning Instagram photographs. Integrating your Instagram material into the website has the potential to improve the quality of your website.

Feature to Look For:

Support for many layouts is available.
Synchronization on the fly.
The Instagram access token is simple to use.

Carousel on Instagram

Incorporate your Instagram feed through into carousel in a creative way. It is amongst the most helpful modules for creating an Instagram feed carousel which brings a large number of visitors to your website.

Feature to Look For:

The carousel has a lot of settings and choices.
Support for pagination and fixed-width slides.
The access token is simple to integrate.

Feed from Twitter

Show your Twitter posts onto the website in a beautiful and professional manner. In a nutshell, this module allows you to get certain Twitter account feeds into your website.

Feature to Look For:

Show tweets, retweets, and replies to tweets.
There are other layouts that can be used.
Advanced personalization possibilities are available.

Carousel on Twitter

This Divi module is designed to display specific and essential Tweets and Retweets from your website inside a carousel format. And the carousel provides those far-flung Tweets a more refined appearance.

Feature to Look For:

Sorting tweets is possible.
The carousel has a variety of settings and choices.
Supported by “Consumer Secret.”

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