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Divi Toolbox Review – Powerfull Tools for Customize Divi Website

Written by Firman


If you have ever started spending hours searching for a Divi guide in order to attain an very nice look on your webpage? Or tinkering with code, struggling to get one to work but never quite getting it right? It’s so aggravating! When you sweat over a single piece of personalization and it never comes out right, no matter what… What if you can somehow create these sophisticated impacts in Divi only with just few clicks? What if you can just easily make this change in your webpage Customizer ?  Consider how much time you will save! And think about how much better your webpage could be with merely a few clicks!

It is made possible by Divi Toolbox. Wave farewell to wasting so much time and becoming dissatisfied with the website. Welcome to Divi Toolbox!

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The most effective way to create stunning effects in Divi without having written a line of code!

The Divi Toolbox allows you to create effects that would normally require custom CSS, PHP, or Javascript! You can now quickly make that change throughout the Divi Theme Customizer. Make your blog amazing with no coding knowledge!

Start making Site-Wide Changes Quickly

The Divi Toolbox allows you to change the components you want. When you enable a feature, it will appear in the Theme Customizer, in which you can change things and site-wide improvements with the few clicks.

Customized Logo and Header Design

You can easily change your logo and header. Make a specially made dropdown menu, include a CTA menu, or change the hover effects. You also can modify your logo on a fixed header, add a conflicting logo effect, and show any design from the Divi library pre and post header.

Customize the Mobile Menu

Adjust your mobile menu to provide the better mobile experience!  You could use Toolbox to fix the mobile menu bar, allow slide-in menu mobile, insert  icon animations, collapse submenus, and start changing your mobile menu logo!

Make your Divi blog stand out!

For the archive and blog categories pages, the Divi Toolbox includes nine (!) custom layouts. Every element in the selected layout could be further customized. y ou can also personalize your single post page by including a writer box, related posts, and next/previous post navigation to keep your visitors interested for a longer period of time. Make your website the best bloggers possible experience!

Footer: Infinite Possibilities

You could even style the footer with the Divi Toolbox without ever using CSS or searching for tutorials! You could change the widgets and the footer menu, as well as insert more social media icons – as well as style them! The Toolbox allows you to quickly enable the sticky footer or unveil effect, as well as personalize the back to upper button A further option is to globally start adding Divi layouts pre and post footer. You’re only few more clicks away from creating an amazing footer!

Make More Use of Divi Toolbox!

Get instant access to thousands of options available and start creating amazing websites right away. Because the Divi Toolbox is so powerful, the feature set is quite lengthy! See what Divi toolbox can do for you here.

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