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Divi Table Maker Plugin by Divi-Modules Review

Written by Firman


Divi Table Modules – The Table Maker helps bring the Divi Builder’s stunning responsive tables. , Style each element of the table from Headers to Footers, Texts to Columns, Right  down to spesific cells, and no need for shortcodes. 

Divi table Features :

  • Numerous Headers and Footers
  • Row and Column Spanning
  • Button, Icon, and Picture Cells
  • View of Accordion for mobile
  • Sticky Headers Scrolling 

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Columns & Rows Table:

Tables can contain as much of the rows and columns as you would like.

divi table colums and rows

Headers & Footers of the table:

Tables could include mix of column headers,  table content, column footers, row footers and row headers .

divi table maker header and footer table

Table Width and Height:

row heights  and Column widths  could be adjusted using a mix of dynamic and fixed units.

divi builder table maker width and height

Scrolling Table:

Table could be setup to scroll, with selectable sticky column headers and row headers to maintain the headers attached to the edge and visible throughout all times.

scrolling table in divi

Responsive Table:

In smart phone and tablet size, Tables can be set to display as blocks, or accordions. You can use the feature of splitting the table by rows or columns.

divi responsive table

Table Extension:

To span various rows and columns Divi Table cells could be arranged . You could work on complicated table settings, such as the one below, It still work brilliantly on smart phone and tablet size.

Table Of Contents:

Content Table may include icons, text, buttons and pictures.

Divi Table Frame:

Divi Tables could frame lines or gaps. Its leave a space across each table cell, enable to display the backgrounds . Lines frame every cell with such a decorative or solid  border.

Table Strips:

The rows of tables could be stripe with alternate colors by using Divi Table Maker . Stripes could apply on table contents, headers and footers, and ordered in odd or even rows Individually.

Colors of the table:

There have been separate color choices available for table contents, column footers, column headers,  column footers, and row headers. The Table styles can use for table-wide, column-wide, or individual cells.

Text of the table:

There have been separate text options for table contents, column footers, column headers, row headers, and row footers. The styles can use for table-wide, column-wide, or individual cells.

Table of cells:

Divi extra table cell styling features are including vertically and horizontally text alignment, rounded corners, variable padding, borders,  box shadows, customizable accordion toggles, and much more.

divi table
divi discount

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