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The Best Free Ecommerce Layout Pack for Divi

Written by Firman


Divi is well-known for its free beautifull ecommerce layouts, they are very easy to use if you want to quickly create an ecommerce store without the need to design your website from scratch. Currently there are more than 124 free pre-design layouts developed by the divi team, more than 24 of which are online store design with various available niches. Not only designs made by the elegantthemes team, Divi is also famous for its wide community and contributes a lot to the free design layouts they share in the divi community, at least there are hundreds of online store designs available and you can use.

All free divi ecommerce layouts that I will share bellow  are completely free to use for your commercial and personal usages, but need a divi license to access it. If you don’t have a divi license you can buy it by getting a 10% discount for a limited time at this link

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After you already have the license you can configure and edit the layout  design whenever you need that because it’s easy to customize. Start giving your online shop a beautiful design with free Divi eCommerce layouts.

1. Tea Shop Layout Pack

The Tea Shop Layout is a free layout for Divi create by Elegant Themes. This eCommerce layout pack contains 8 pages and is designed specifically for online store that related to food and drinks, but you could still configure the design according to your desires to create any other kind of online stores. The layout pack does have all the key elements and pages which you can use it to create a perfect eCommerce site. You could review the live demo to make sure it’s the design for your eCommerce store.

2. Florist Layout Pack

It is a thriving Divi layout pack for your flower eCommerce store. If you’d like a stunning  layout for your eCommerce flower store, you should try this layout. If you’d like a custom design, you could do it easily since this Divi layout is fully customizable. Download Florist Layout Pack and use it in your web store. You’ll get the pictures to use on the Divi layout and use that as many of your  projects as you need with no licensing issues.

3. Boutique Layout Pack

When you’re looking for boutique online shop layout, this layout pack is best for you. This Divi ecommerce boutiqe layout pack develope by Elegant Themes and you should have it at no cost. This Divi layout does have 7 pages, including a gallery page, contact page and about page. Together with this layout pack, you’re going to get free pictures and you’re going to be able to utilize them on all your websites.

4. Jeweler Layout Pack

Jeweler Layout Pack is also develope by Elegant Themes. If you’d like a free Divi layout for your online Jewelry store, you can check and download it. This layout pack does have 7 layout pages and guidelines to configure and create your shop stunning. Soft colors as well as fonts used on this pack will give a luxurious look to your website.

5. Juice Shop Product

The Divi juice shop layout pack created by Elegant Themes. This Divi layout pack included with 8 excellent page layouts. All of these layouts is seeped by professional crisp pictures and beautiful colour design. This makes it more fun and simple to create a new one, or even to update your established Juice Shop website.

With the Shop Module included with the Shop page, users can handle all your clients orders as a pro and make it easy for your customers to have the products they need through your online store.

How To Download Divi ecommerce layout pack?

Divi has hundreds of free e-commerce layouts for various niches, you will also get free e-commerce layouts every week from the elegantthemes team. You can get all of these layout packs for free directly from the divi page builder panel on your website. You must have a divi license to access it, if you get or buy a divi builder from a third party illegally, then you will not get it.

Divi is a very affordable product compared to other wordpress themes and page builders, with only $89 per year or $240 for a lifetime license you will get Divi with thousands of layout designs that you can use for you or your clients. If you want to get 10% discount for buying divi then click here

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