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Divi Timeline Layout Packages Review

Written by Firman


Create your Divi site instantly with  Premium Divi Timeline Packs.

DIVI Timeline Designs is a premium timeline display layout packed with 40 beautifully crafted layouts enhanced with advanced capabilities and CSS code development functionalities. If you would like to create a beautiful Timeline Portfolio on your DIVI homepage in a short period of time, browse the collection of elegant design layout for the Divi website.

Divi Layout Pack feature

  • Easy to import utilising Divi Library Configurations Specially Designed for Newest Divi Version
  • There is no need for external Js
  • Every timeline design layout has unique effects over time
  • Responsive design and optimized for mobile devices

Layout Template 1 To 5

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Layout Template 6 To 10

Layout Template 11 To 15

Layout Template 16 To 20

Layout Template 21 To 25

Layout Template 26 To 30

Layout Template 31 To 35

Layout Template 36 To 40

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