DiviWP Feature/Content Segments are strong combos of text, photographs ,images, and icons that’s used to emphasize your service,product,  features or other advantages.

Such parts also provide Image, Video,Text, Button, Counter,  and Blurb Modules to build visually fascinating and readable blocks and also provide a variety of options which you can test with from your own page layout.

You can choose whatever section to use whether build your own preset from this or make copies the part to your very own pages, and then configure it with your own system.

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Developers attention to detail tends to make every other section coherent with the design concept system. Even so, in a matter of seconds, you’ll be able to modify colors, copy, pictures, icons, essentially everything else inside the layout or part using Divi’s tools.

You could test with moving such sections to your very own current page sections and also evaluate whether adding a Feature part helps guide and notify the user quite effectively. Divi’s designed split test tool is good for getting all kinds of interesting tests!

Fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices

They adhere to modern style concepts and best strategies and thoroughly test thus every section across a wide range of devices and screen widths.

All configurations were pre-configured along all tablet, desktop,  and mobile devices, trying to make this layout an ideal set of features/content sections that you can would like to use.

The Divi Performance Update is fully compatible with DiviWP Layouts and Sections.

Recent major updates from Elegant Themes for Divi will significantly increase the speed of the Divi websites.

The Elegant Themes developers has already published two further updates to aid with teething problems. It’s a significant update with a bunch of complicated and powerful features.

You can always stay up with the most recent release notes by viewing their changelog. Imagine the amount of work necessary to assure compatibility with the numerous amount of individual Divi websites, each using a unique set of plugins, extensions, and hosting setups!

There is always help available.

If you need help with this plugin, you can be confident that support is always available and that they’ll be able to help you as their customer

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