Comment feature in a blog or website is not something new for sure. However, have you ever thought of applying the Facebook comment feature in your blog or website? Well, it sounds strange indeed. But if you learn more about it, you can find that Facebook comment module is interesting for so many people. Some surveys show that the commenting system applied by this social media is really popular and considered as more effective.

As a result, many other big companies including Yahoo, MSN, and then Fox Sports apply this system. So, what are actually the factors that make the Facebook commenting system really demanded? Here they are.

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Why is it Facebook commenting system?

The primary reason why it should be Facebook commenting system is that because it has less spam. Okay, it doesn’t mean that the spam activities are completely removed due to this system. But undeniably, it just reduces this activity. The main reason why is that people may use their own accounts to post the comments. Spamming comments must then be thought twice before being posted if the spammers don’t want to damage their own images.

Another reason is that the Facebook comments have more features or tools. You must know it well; you can tag your friends, like the comments, and share it. Those features are really likable and demanded by many people even for the uses outside Facebook.

You may imagine if your blog or website has such a commenting system. It is more interesting for sure since the users are able to engage more. The interactivity between the website owner and the users or among the users can just be developed well. Further benefits can just be gained including the abilities of your website or blog to gain more visitors.

Use the Facebook Commenting System from Divi

Now, the implementation of Facebook commenting system in a blog or website is no longer a dream. There is a new feature provided by Divi the Elegant Themes. It is Divi Comment Modules that work just like the system applied by Facebook.

If you want to apply this new feature, the first thing to do is by inactivating the original comments of your website. For WordPress, disabling the comments can be done by entering the Settings and Discussion available in the Dashboard menu. Next, just choose the option by unchecking it; Allow people to post comments.

Install the modules from Divi. In the newest version, the Facebook comment feature is already available. Just search for it from some other features provided and then click it. The setting box has appeared and there are some matters you can just set up before being launched. It is including the methods of sorting the comments, the number of comments, Facebook ID, and even the color of the text and the background.

Let’s assume you have installed other features by Divi before including the layouts. Then, place the module as you want as long as it looks nice. Set it up and the Facebook commenting modules can be used on your blogs or websites.

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