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Hidden Divi Features that Will Highlight Your Design

Written by Firman


For over the years, Divi has provided various interesting features to allow the users to increase productivity and design. If you are new to Divi, here are 25 hidden features of the application to help you optimize your web design.

#1. Search Bar

Though search bar is not something new there is nothing wrong to refresh what you have already known about the feature. There is a good tip you can do if you want to place additional custom padding on the search bar. This will allow you to avoid pressing any tab just before you start to search. The results will of the searching will be instantly shown by all of the options available.

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#2. Put Gradient above the Image’s Background

The feature will be suitable the most if you want to enhance the process of the design. To use the feature, all you need to do is just place an image of the background to the feature and then place an additional for the color combo of the image background. The next thing to do is opt “place gradient placed on the top of the background image” which is located under the gradient background option.

#3. Feature to Change Two Gradient Background Colors at Once

With the feature, you do not need to manually change the codes of the color. To change your colors, you only need to select a color option and after that click “color alternate”. The icon is located beside the “delete” option.

#4. Shortcuts for Keyboard

To use the feature, you only need to type “Shift+ mark question (?)” available on the keyboard that can be done by using the Visual Builder. After that, you should click on the hotkey tabs.

#5. Wireframe View

By using this feature, you will not need to to use the backend part when you want to design web by applying visual module. You just need to click shift+w to access the wireframe view module instantly.

#6. Inline Editor

If you would like to do text editing, this inline editing feature will be very useful. All you need to do is just type on the text bar and the editing tool will instantly work for you. This will also be possible for you to edit labels inline while you are applying wireframe view.

#7. Right Click Options on Visual Builder to Split Testing

To make the feature works, simply just click the right part of the section and then choose the split test available on the menu. After that, you need to choose the test goal to find the tools in the setting menu to enable you to view the module by using different types of split test.

#8. Setting Module to Build Page

The feature provided by Divi is customizable. You can easily build communication with the feature by using various settings provided include setting modal default position, group setting into the closed boxes, and interaction mode for builder default.

#9. Text Module

The Text Module provided will enable you to change the web design for your blockquotes, lists, and links. The feature will also allow you to drag CSS and change every item from one module to another. There are some options available in the feature include list style options and blockquotes style options.

#10. Design Selections for All Levels of Header

With the feature, it will be possible for you to use the module design settings to give a different and unusual style to multiple headers. You can easily identify which header level that has been customized simply by looking at labels in blue color you can find on the screen.

#11. Divi Modules

With the modules provided by Divi, you will be easier to add the changing fonts by using various types of file. The application will then store the fonts that have been customized before to make it possible for them to be visible throughout of all of your modules.

#12. Space Removal Under the Background

This module will affect your design the most when it is positioned on the last part of the page. It will be very beneficial if you place the header pictures to allow them to become border to the following section.

#13. Place Various Items for Different Usages

With Divi, it will be possible for you to use a combination of several units at once. By using a default, Divi will treat a number of different inputs as a pixel unit throughout the Divi Builder Settings.

#14. History Editing

This is a kind of time machine that can be used for editing tool within inside Builder module. By using the feature, you do not need to redo or undo click options available on the right part whenever you want to see the editing lists.

#15. Custom Gutter Width Option

The option values of this feature range from 1 to 4 and will enable you to gutter width to suit the number of space found in the columns in every row.

#16. Right Click Options

You can find the feature simply by clicking the right part of any section inside Builder feature. There are some options available in the feature include lock as well as rename option.

#17. Menu Links for Top Tier Dropdown

To find the feature you should click on the Dive – theme options – navigations – general settings. The feature is considered to be the important link that can be viewed all the time on the menu for navigating. The links can function as accessible placeholders which will organize and label your substitution links if you disable them.

#18. Changing Method for Scrolling-to-Anchoring

The feature can serve to place the user in the right spot before dragging CSS ID feature. It will be very useful for you who often get confused when viewing the page section.

#19. Feature to Cover Logo on Your Mobile

The feature will make it easier for you to hide logo on your mobile without worrying about being confused by the CSS added.

#20. Primary and Additional Menu to Dropdown Animation

The application will be suitable the most if you want to drop down the animation you create on your web. There are four options included in the feature, they are fade, expand, slide, and flip.

#21. Edit Footer Credits

With the feature, you do not need to edit the lowest part of your page’s footer by changing the file of php.footer in your theme. You can enter text in the text box to disable to lowest bars all at once.

#22. Default Palette for Color Selections

The colors available in the feature can be accessed through all of the sections while you are designing and making some changing your site. In this way, you will able to save time when picking up the best colors for the site.

#23. Page Settings

By using the feature, you will be able to set a color pallet for the page you create and add certain CSS that has been customized on it.

#24. Blog Posts Feature

The blog posts available in Divi come with specific meta info. This will function to show you under the post title include comments, date, category, and author.

#25. Code Module

The feature will enable you to add HTML to the page you create without any restriction. It means that you can add the HTML without influence other pages by using the feature.

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