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FAQ Revolution Plugin for Divi WordPress

Written by Firman


Frequently Asked Questions Revolution attempts to improve on the traditional question-to-static-answer method by incorporating an option based system. It does have a good search system that allows you to define custom search terms and also it includes a Knowledge base page for the website. Anything revolves around SEO!

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What is the point of a revolution?

A relevant portion of the internet is about questions and answers. Consider this: how many times have you searched for answers? It is up to websites to respond in the best possible way and provide users on what they’re looking for.

Typically, FAQ systems are made up of collapsible accordions with static text. However are they truly effective? FAQ revolution plugin builds on the journey of the LCweb support website (which has served over 37.000 clients since 2015) by focusing on innovation like powerful search assistant and choice-based Frequently Asked Questions .

It also adds a genuine knowledge base segment to the website. You could indeed link articles and external urls to every FAQ, resulting in an unrivaled customer experience!

FAQs with a selection of options

Fixed answers are inefficient for queries with so many variables or that cause to sub-questions. based Choice FAQs make a significant difference here by providing users with specific target purpose of obtaining information!

Users can form your cases tree using an user friendly builder while analyzing the user’s situation. Like you’re speaking face to face! Each response may conclude with a custom or predetermined text… Alternatively, you can continue questioning the user to gain a better understanding of its situation.

Every response may also include a links and photo gallery to internal pages. Everything’s been considered in order to deliver the best solution in the simplest way possible.

Helper for searching FAQs

However what serves to make a distinction is how quickly you can provide users on what they’re looking for, and in most situations, various people will not use the identical keywords.

By default, FAQ Revolution sees the title and description of the FAQ, but this may not be sufficient. This is where search assistant comes in:

  • Extra words can be specified to be linked by the plugin, allowing multiple individuals to search the very same answer. Simply type “warm” or “freezing”
  • External links and a knowledge based
  • Most of all, users should be educated.
  • Teached users will have no trivial queries and will appreciate your services!

Even so, it is also critical to get a clean and comprehensive site segment trying to explain how things actually work. This section is generated automatically by FAQ Revolution!

You only need to concentrate on creating articles and possibly tagging them so that they can be quickly grouped!

You also might want to add user requirements to current web pages: the plugin includes a linkbacks database section to bring them as clean and as fast as possible!

The search box FAQs are accessed via a responsive box in which users must describe the FAQ topic as the first filter layer.

You can specify a predetermined subject as well as associated child-subject in the shortcode (or with builders).

Finally, choose whether or not to use the “search mode”: Only FAQs that match the search criteria will be displayed.

Product tab integration for WooCommerce

Do you run a WooCommerce store? FAQ Revolution can be integrated directly in to the product pages, bringing a dedicated FAQ tab. Help your customers by providing tailored contextual responses!

Allow it global level, for specific categories, or for individual products. Choose from a variety of begin or excluded subjects for maximum flexibility.

SEO centered

The plugin as a whole is configured to offer the best SEO score possible for FAQs and KB blog posts. Also every FAQ has its own page, which you can included into site maps to be rapidly indexed.

FAQ Revolution helps give you full control over FAQ, KB, and tag URLs: you can placed their base-URL as well as their slug. Finally, deeplink: you will have numerous “FAQ search” pages where every other search task is deeplinked, ability to make direct links on the fly!

Integration of WP builders

Stop guessing what’s hidden behind complicated shortcodes and begin using real-time previews! They are the cutting-edge of contemporary wordpress page building, allowing for faster development.

The plugin integrates natively with Divi Builder, and other page builder like Visual Composer to provide the best possible experience available on WordPress today.

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