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Lottier – Divi Lottie Animated Images Plugin Review

Written by Firman


Lottier is a great WordPress plugin that allows you to add uniquely beautiful animation to the Divi page builder. The Lottier is also an essential tool for adding eye-catching and light  animations to the WordPress website, which will help to boost client engagement and conversion.

This plugin makes use of JSON library animation. Designers and developers from all over the world have created a diverse variety of exciting animations. In the next few clicks, you can purchase the animation that best matches your website or even and use different varieties for free. A product like this can enhance any kinds of WordPress design and site and design, whether it’s a blog, portfolio, company website,  eCommerce project, creative agency, personal CV, restaurant, or magazine.

They made it simple for you to get begins with Lottier. You get 5 distinct stylized and ready-to-use templates with the plugin. These are all just a few examples which can help you develop your own style. It provides a quick launch in just a few clicks.

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The plugin has simple but effective settings. Within the Divi, you can change the size, animation speed, position, looping, and playback mode. Furthermore, you can modify the colors of the layers within the animation; for all of this, there is also a very usable online editor of animations on the library animation website. sure, you can bring, load, and and using your own animation independently.

This Lottier looks like the future of internet animations as it animates SVG paths and forms using SVG and JSON code. An animation picture is much smaller than a static image (jpg or png) and much thinner than an animated images and videos. Furthermore, the loading from such an animation is instantaneous, with no blur or pixelation.

Lottier for Divi is extremely compatible with all current browsers. It makes no difference that browser users use to access your site: Chrome, Opera, Firefox,  Safari, as well as Edge. Everything should look fantastic on all browsers and devices.

Lottier for Divi Lottie library features over a dozen free animations.

Options for custom animation

There are 5 Lottier templates included.

  • Configurable fonts, borders, colors,  backgrounds, gradients, and more in a three-component block layout.
  • Editor of animation styles online
  • Configuration of responsiveness
  • Works well with all Divi WordPress themes Suitable for Divi 4.5 and or above Seo Friendly
  • Pot file included for quick translation in any language Ideal for RTL direction
  • Installing is quick and easy.
  • WordPress 5+ has been tested and is compatible with it.
  • Lightweight and quick
  • Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and Edge were all supported browsers.
  • Modern User Interface that is simple to use and customize
  • Installation instructions and a detailed user manual are included.
  • Six months are included. Buyers of CodeCanyon can get assistance.
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