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How To Build Fashion Website With Easily With WordPress

Written by Firman


Want to launch your own company by designing online clothes stores? The online fashion market is booming, so it’s time to launch your own without delay. You won’t be able to outperform your rivals if you don’t start your fashion apparel industry in eCommerce and keep up with the most recent trend of digitalisation.

Therefore, you need a total solution to build a beautiful fashion website if you want to launch your online clothing retail business. For entrepreneurs or anybody else looking to update their web presence, however, starting from scratch would be expensive and time-consuming.

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You don’t need to be concerned! You will find a flawless free solution in this blog to quickly and easily create your own fashion website utilizing a template for an online apparel business. Let’s dig further into this website to get all the figures, facts, and information regarding setting up an online clothes store.

Analyze Your Market

Finding a specialty for your business makes good sense because the fashion industry is among the most competitive on the internet. Assuming you already know your niche, proceed to explore the web-related portion of your market. All products and services related to fashion are in demand, but you must know where and how to find them.

Your future action will be made simpler and clearer by the various forms of information that market analysis will give you, such as:

saturated market

connection of demand, supply, and price

main rivals and their strategies

Useful keywords for your site

Interests, demands, and behaviors of potential customers

potential sources of traffic

Obtaining Web Hosting and a Domain Name for a Fashion Website

You’ll need a web hosting and domain name of your website ot start.

Your website’s online address is given by a domain name. It’s the address that users of your website enter into the browsers to view it. A domain name generally costs $15 per month.

The place where users keep the text and data for their websites is called web hosting. The site files on the webhost server are accessible whenever somebody enters in your web domain (website address). An average WordPress hosting plan will run you $50 per month.

The overall price of a web domain plus web hosting may appear high for you when starting out.

Luckily, easywp from namecheap is available. If you use WordPress, easywp is the best managed hosting for the platform and costs only $4.5 per month.

Select a Platform

It’s time to choose a platform once you’ve selected a niche and a domain name.

Although we have a few choices, WordPress is frequently the best solution. Over 40percent of total  websites in the world are powered by the open and free WordPress platform.

In addition, there are a number of premium and free WordPress plugins and themes that make it simple to create a website with no coding experience.

You may add a wide range of capabilities to your website with the help of plugins. For instance, the WooCommerce plugin makes your site into a powerful online store.

Setup WordPress

If your preferred hosting company does not already have WordPress installed for you, you will need to do so once you have signed up for hosting.

You only need to input your username, the name of your website, and your password to complete the installation of WordPress because most hosting providers feature a one-click installation option.

When WordPress has already been set up, log in and select Appearance > Themes from the WordPress dashboard.

Look for a WooCommerce-compatible theme to make sure has all the functionality, designs, and layouts you require.

fter that, you may use a drag and drop interface to personalize your website or storefront and take care of your basic seo strategy  To put it another way, you can design an online store that appeals to your target market.

Create a Fashion Website Using Divi.

Divi is a cutting-edge WordPress theme for blogs, eCommerce, and corporate websites inside the fashion sector. Divi, like fashion, has no limits.

Numerous languages have been translated into Divi thus far, and more could be added. For languages like Japanese or Hebrew, Right to Left  writing also is supported.

Divi offers 880+ pre-designed layouts for visual modification. They take only a few seconds to setup, and they let you get to work right away. Furthermore, any setting can be changed to customize these default designs.

With this theme, there are countless alternatives.

The organization of the website’s components into modules makes it simpler to change their positioning or configuration. If you’re still hesitant, be sure to view the Divi live preview.

Divi Fashion Layout

Divi design team delves into the fashion industry this week on a fashion layout bundle that is as versatile as it is gorgeous. The website will look amazing straight out of the box thanks to the eight various page layouts included with the package. The site isn’t only for fashionistas, either. You can create a variety of websites, like blogs, small company websites, or even e-commerce websites, with just a few tweaks. Characteristics

divi fashion website lauout

One amongst my favourite parts of this design is how adaptable it is. Since all of the material elements own a white background, switching the site’s colour theme would be simple. This makes it even more adaptable to your branding requirements. S mall businesses, bloggers,  photographers, you call it, all may benefit from this.

But it’s the way it’s constructed for e-commerce that truly stands out. The landing page’s featured areas were well-organized and positioned to highlight things on sale, by popularity, and by category . The store module used throughout the site to show products in a manner that complements the overall aesthetic. I really like the customisable promotional banners that advertise “20% off” and “Buy One, Get One Free.” They’re not photos, therefore they may be altered, which is a great feature for an ecommerce website.

Remember this:

Woocommerce must be installed then products must be put to the store page and display product  throughout the website. Also, when adding additional products, make sure that each of your product pictures have same proportions so they have the similar height on the web page. It helps when all of your product images are the similar size so that things line up properly.

Live Demo

To view a live demo from every layouts contained in the package, click on the links below.

Divi Fashion Layout Live Demo

divi discount

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